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[K-PRINT 2018] Kisun Introduced Inkjet Partial Coating System ‘Digi Spot Quantum350’ that can be applied to All Printed Materials

Kisun participated in ‘K-PRINT 2018’ held in KINTEX from Wednesday, August 29 to Saturday, September 1 and presented ‘Digi Spot Quantum350’, a digital embossing UV partial coating system.

Kisun’s ‘Digi Spot Quantum350’ is a digital embossing UV partial coating system of inkjet printing method that can be applied to all printed materials. It was successfully recognized for its possibility of business expansion during this exhibition.

A system developed for small and medium-sized printing, small quantity batch production, and partial coating work, ‘Digi Spot Quantum350’ does not require a printing plate or screen and is capable of high-quality partial coating regardless of workload. It can also work quickly by setting up various printing data in short time.

A Kisun insider showed pride in the product by saying “‘Digi Spot Quantum350’ consists of an automatic supplier, inkjet printing coater, dryer, foil attaching unit, and stacker. This product boasts the optimized coating system needed for not only digital POD but also offset printing.

Meanwhile, K-PRINT 2018 has been producing high added-value contents and presenting total marketing solutions through cooperation with related industries, rather than merely displaying items. This exhibition provides a differentiated business environment through marketing activities and various promotional channels.

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