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[K-PRINT 2018] Shinjung Technology introduced ‘HEBA’, an Automatic Paper Removal System that solves the problems of the Existing Package Printing Industry

Shinjung Technology Co., Ltd. participated in ‘K-PRINT 2018’ held in KINTEX from Wednesday, August 29 to Saturday, September 1 and presented ‘HEBA’, a completely automatic paper removal system.

Currently, all die-cut products must go through manual work to finish them up in the current package printing. As the related tough working environment and workers’ health risks have become issues these days, Shinjung Technology has launched ‘HEBA’ to solve this problem at once.

‘HEBA’, which automatically selects and separates printed product space and empty space, is a completely automatic paper removal system that can be set freely on any product without any restrictions. This item has earned explosive responses of exhibition visitors as it can finish the last process of complicated and difficult package printing in a convenient, simple, and safe way through a pinboard method.

An insider of Shinjung Technology showed confidence over the product, saying that “‘HEBA’ will become a new leader of the package printing market and greatly support workers in its industry.”

Meanwhile, K-PRINT 2018 has been producing high added-value contents and presenting total marketing solutions through cooperation with related industries, rather than merely displaying items. This exhibition provides a differentiated business environment through marketing activities and various promotional channels.

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