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Dream Farm showcases “Seolheun” a brand that uses only premium grade raw materials

On the 23rd (Thurs), Dream Farm showcased a cosmetic brand called Seolheun at the MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Party, which was held in The K Hotel in Yangjae.

Seolheun focuses on production for the whitening and wrinkle removing products by using special techniques of using the extract from ginseng sprouts without using any chemical ingredients. The new product ‘Seolheun Ginseng Nature Essence’, which was released last June, has succeeded in differentiating it from other products because it has great absorbency and it is not sticky, it is moist and not harmful like the other competing products.

Another new product that is catching on trend is ‘Seolheun Ginseng Nature Cream’ which was classified as safe and was rated as first and second grade which made it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Dream Farm director of Nonghyup Company Lee Byong Gan stated that “since 2017 we have been exporting cosmetics to the Vietnamese market and now we have only the hygiene safety test left. Seolheun brand is especially popular among the 20’s to 30’s young women.”

Furthermore, the director stated “All the products of Seolheun have undergone various safety tests. We especially use high grade raw materials of 1 ~ 2 grade and supply products with reasonable price, and it is pretty competitive in the global market.

The entire lineup that was launched by Seolheun brand was produced by Dream Farm’s own technology called ‘New Ginseng Sprouts’. It is a safe product that has passed the skin safety test, heavy metal test, European CPNP certification, US FDA certification and Vietnam hygiene license. The product has also been able to attract the attention of Korean consumers.

Meanwhile, this event was hosted by global news network ‘Aving News’, a media partner of 100 exhibitions ever year and of MWC and IFA, one of the world’s top 3 IT/Tech/home appliances fair, and was jointly organized by Vietnam’s state-owned media Vietnam Plus, fandom-based video platform SEESO, China’s first IT portal YESKY, and influencer marketing platform ASIX.

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