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[MIK 2018] Lacto Mason, unveiled a ‘Probiotics Lactobacillus’ product for all ages

Lacto Mason unveiled a probiotics lactobacillus product and its ingredient at the ‘MIK 2018 Conference&Networking Party’ held last August 23 (Thur) at The-K Hotel in Yangjae Seocho-gu, Seoul, and it was very popular among overseas buyers.

Lacto Mason’s popular product ‘LTMS PROBIOTICS S’ contains 6 kinds of lactobacillus and Kimchi lactobacillus extract made by the membrane method and it is effective in the inhibition of noxious bacteria and for defecation. Each stick inputs about 20 billion lactobacillus and helps the growth of bifidus. ‘myLacto KIDS’ is a product made up of only the nutrients necessary for children. It contains various probiotics and zinc to help the immune function, bone growth, intestinal health and the taste and aroma are good so children can intake it without problem.

Another popular product ‘myLactoC’ has the advantage that it only contains vegetable capsule rather than animal capsule. Furthermore, Lacto Mason’s probiotic lactobacillus ingredients and products can be purchased with confidence because it doesn’t contain any flavoring agents, sweeteners, artificial coloring and sugar.

Dosun Hong, an employee in Lacto Mason’s business department mentioned that “Lacto Mason is exporting to diverse countries. People of all age groups are interested because it is a product directly related to health. He/she added “currently we are exporting to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, United States, Myanmar (OEM), Thailand and other countries. In particular, Vietnamese buyers are supplied the ingredients exclusively”.

Lacto Mason is capable of designing and manufacturing high quality probiotics products and customized products through specialized manufacturing skills and natural product freeze protection.

Meanwhile, this event was hosted by global news network ‘Aving News’, a media partner of 100 exhibitions ever year and of MWC and IFA, one of the world’s top 3 IT/Tech/home appliances fair, and was jointly organized by Vietnam’s state-owned media Vietnam Plus, fandom-based video platform SEESO, China’s first IT portal YESKY, and influencer marketing platform ASIX.

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