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Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency supported Excellent ICT Companies through Connection with the MWC Americas and Distribution Programs

Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (Director Chan-jong Park) supported the participation of 6 promising ICT companies of Daejeon in ‘2018 Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 (MWCA) held in Los Angeles Convention Center, U.S. for 3 days from September 12 to 14.

The 6 promising ICT companies of Daejeon that DICA supported formed the ‘KAIT Korea Booth’ of Korea Association for ICT Promotion in the West Hall of the Convention Center. The companies confirmed the possibility in the global market through the responses of exhibition visitors and buyers by presenting their own products and technologies. Some participating companies have already been discussing their business with buyers in detail.

(Photo: Companies in the KAIT Korea Booth and the agency’s staffers in MWC America 2018. The 6 companies that Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency in MWCA 2018 are as follows: ▲THE-S ▲IWAZ ▲Air Sound ▲ADMI ▲INFOSE ▲Next Innovation)

Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency formed the ‘KAIT Korea Booth’ to support Promising ICT Companies support; Click to read Video articles

(Photo: Project Manager Yong-hwa Kwon of INFOSE, left)

A company specialized in IT and cloud solutions, INFOSE (CEO Dong-jin CHoi) presented “Don’t Stop” digital signage platform. It contacted Company H in Singapore before the submission and had business meetings during the fair.

Project Manager Yong-hwa Kwon of INFOSE said “To test the compatibility of controllers that both companies have, we are going to discuss other PDLC advertising performance demanded by H and support the addition, modification, and improvement of the product. We plan to test the product and pioneer the sales channel using H’s existing customer network.”

(Photo: CEO Joong-shik Yang of IWAZ, a big data analysis company)

CEO Joong-shik Yang of IWAZ evaluated MWCA 2018 as “This fair was mainly on the mobile and network fields as a mobile-specializing fair. Global companies’ exhibition of AI and smart home using 5G drew attention, and there will be more active research on the products of this field.”

In addition to supporting the companies’ participation in MWCA 2018, DICA carried out a program to pioneer the distribution channels of the U.S. market for 3 days from Monday, September 17 to Wednesday, September 19. The participating companies were highly satisfied with this program that consisted of meetings, seminars, and distribution center tour to build knowledge needed in distribution and understand the distribution system of the U.S. market.

Regarding MWCA 2018, Researcher Tae-young Park of Next Innovation (CEO In-shik Seo) said “We have been able to secure the bridge to enter the U.S. market as an entrepreneur with 30 years of business experience in the U.S. arranged business meetings with distributors related to each participating company. The fair was a great opportunity for us to learn about the e-commerce and distribution markets through Amazon’s marketing system and the tour of Fulfillment Center.”

CEO Brian Chung of Interactive Display Solutions who is actually running a distribution business in the U.S. said “We had in-depth meetings with Korean companies on what their products need to be distributed in the U.S. market,” expressing his keen interest in the DICA’s support process for startups.

However, he added his concerns by saying “Distribution in the U.S. market needs considerable patience. It often takes 2 to 3 years to accomplish 1 business.”

Moreover, this program included customized buyer meetings for companies and seminars on how to establish a U.S. branch and cautions as well. By meeting with CEO Sudeep Banerjee of B3NET, Amazon’s sales consulting firm, the companies received know-hows on direct sales management on Amazon (Fulfillment by Amazon) and search optimization method to enter Amazon, the first gateway to marketing in the U.S. market.

Manager Jin-ok Lee of ADMI (CEO Moon-shik Kim), a developer of VR educational contents and motion simulators, said “We could directly learn about industry trends through customized staffer meetings and the tour of distribution facility. We feel that we’ve received enough basic guidelines on new marketing plans and distribution channels.”

A DICA staffer said “We’ve built a new support business system by connecting our distribution program with the participation in a prominent overseas fair. From now on, we plan to actively support companies of Daejeon with excellent technologies to expand into the overseas market.”

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