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VITAFOODS to expand into the World Market with Its Easily Edible Healthy ‘Scorched Rice’ Product

With consumers’ growing interest in health, all kinds of healthy food are drawing more attention, and consumers looking for simple, easy meals for company office workers and small households are constantly increasing. In accordance with this trend, VITAFOODS has developed healthy scorched rice meals that can be consumed easily.

Food is an essential, indispensable source of energy for people from birth to death. VITAFOODS is striving to establish a more abundant and healthier food culture by supplying appropriate nutrients and enjoyable meals, the true functions of food.

Food startup VITAFOODS released a scorched rice (nurungji) gift set named ‘Delicious Heart’ through joint planning with E-mart on September 13 for this upcoming Chuseok (Korean traditional autumn festival). ‘Delicious Heart’ scorched rice giftset is a high-class gift set, as it directly cooked rice and roasted it in the oven using freshly harvested rice to produce crispier and delicious texture.

Established in 2015, VITAFOODS has been exporting ‘Youthful Scorched Rice’ that has added more flavor and nutrients to scorched rice, a Korean traditional food, to Korean supermarkets in LA, U.S. since the first-half of this year. Furthermore, it has been selling products in E-mart and Shisegae Department Store nationwide and plans to launch its brand in hope shopping channels in the second-half of this year. In addition to its main product ‘Youthful Scorched Rice’, it plans to develop and launch various foods and drinks.

Also, VITAFOODS is trying to make another leap in the rapidly-changing market by launching a food brand named ‘Happy Table’. ‘Happy Table’ is an integrated on and offline food brand, with which VITAFOODS plans to think deeply about more delicious and healthier food culture to suggest various alternatives to customers. The company is running a trial store near Dongdaemun, striving to find healthy food companies throughout the country.

CEO Kimin Park of VITAFOODS said “We want to become a company that is loved in both the Korean and the overseas market by adding novelty to our excellent traditional food and reinterpreting it. By launching new scorched rice products, we plan to expand into Southeast Asia and China next year”, expressing his ambition to advance into the global market.

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