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2nd International Kitchen and Bathroom Fair (KINBA 2018) Opening on upcoming November 1st(Thurs)… High Expectations for the Import/ Export Fair and Domestic Distribution Fair

It has been revealed that KITCHEN & BATH KOREA 2018 will hold an import/export fair and Domestic Distribution Fair on this coming November 2nd (Fri), and 3rd (Sat) at KINTEX.

Domestic distribution channel MD, as well as overseas buyers from all over the world will participate to contribute to market development and competitiveness for domestic kitchen/ bathroom industry SMEs. They will conduct a 1:1 consultation with domestic homeshopping, department stores, on/offline malls, large scale marts, and various channels of MD and overseas buyers from 10 nations.

In last year’s homeshopping and domestic and overseas distribution fair held at KITCHEN &  BATH KOREA 2017, 45 companies, 25 domestic buyers, and 22 overseas buyers participated, and resulted contracts worth 20.1 billion in domestic consultations and 20.6 billion in overseas contracts.

Meanwhile, the only domestic kitchen/ bathroom exhibition, KITCHEN & BATH KOREA2018, will be held for 4 days between November 1st (Thurs) and the 4th (Sun), and will provide a variety of sights which not include the import/export fair and domestic distribution fair, but also the world food championship, kitchen/bathroom trend seminar, interior tip seminar, MCN product promotion video filming, and others. A ‘Kitchen Furniture and Bathroom Interior Special Exhibition Hall’ is also planned in cooperation with Korean Kitchen Furniture Cooperative.

Detailed information on participating in the exhibition or guides for visitors can be found on the official KINBA 2018 homepage.

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