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ELT Sensor Showcases Agricultural CO2 Methane Sensor at Asia’s Largest “AGRI NEXT”

ELT Sensor, a leading gas sensor company, showcased high concentration and ultra-low temperature CO2 and methane sensors for agricultural use at the 5th International Next Generation Agricultural Expo “AGRI NEXT,” held in Makuhari Messe, Japan from October 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri).

AGRI NEXT is the largest agricultural exhibition in Asia. It is the gathering place of the next generation technology and products for the development of agriculture such as IT solution for farmers, unmanned airplane, 6th-gen industry, and plant factory products and technology.

ELT Sensor has been focusing on raising global awareness of the company, promoting new products, and securing new customers by continuously participating in the world’s four major sensor exhibitions in the US, Japan, Germany, and China. It is planning to diversify the channels in the Japanese market to agricultural greenhouse and farm houses by participating in this expo.

(Photo: ELT sensor participating in SENSOR-TEST+ in Germany)

(Photo: ELT sensor participating in SENSOR JAPAN in Japan)

(Photo: ELT sensor participating in SENSOR EXPO in the US)

(Photo: ELT sensor participating in SENSOR-CHINA in China)

(Photo: ELT sensor participating in Next-gen Agricultural Expo in Japan)

Last year, it participated in SENSOR-EXPO (San Jose) in the US and SENSOR-JAPAN in Japan. This year, it participated in the world’s largest sensor expo SENSOR TEST+ (Nuremberg) in Germany. It also participated in China’s SENSOR-CHINA (Shanghai) and received good results.

It expanded its customer base to more than 200 companies in 40 countries by participating in global sensor expos. By directly meeting customers and also the long-trading customers, solid trust was built in the process of negotiating with them through inquiries and requests in addition to the increase in sales. As a result, this became an opportunity to raise the status of ELT Sensor as a leading company in gas sensor technology in Korea.

In the domestic and global expos, ELT Sensor showcased its most recently developed ultra-low temperature agricultural CO2 sensor (CD-100BZ) that can be operated at -40°C, a CO2 sensor capable of sensing up to 30% high concentration, and a super precise methane sensor (CH4- LD) that can measure up to 50ppm, and a measuring device (NH-2000) for measuring methane gas emitted in agriculture and livestock farms such as barns and piggeries.

In particular, the portable CO2 monitor “PAM-100” released this year can measure CO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity, and with its Bluetooth feature, users can conveniently receive measurement values on smartphones.

CEO Lee lhn of ELT Sensor said, “In line with the trends and the customer needs in world’s gas sensor market, we will develop new products that only our company can supply. We will make efforts to expand the market by continuous online and offline marketing.” He also said, “We will develop and grow our company so that we can firmly position ourselves as a major global company in gas sensor industry.”

With the motto “the company that creates smart future with sensors,” ELT Sensor specializes in gas sensor supplying over 50 types of sensors, NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) sensor, ethylene sensor (C2H4), propane sensor (C3H8), butane sensor (C4H10) as well as carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen sensor (O2), and ammonia sensor, to 200 customers in more than 200 customers in 40 countries.

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