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[Preview of KIMES Busan 2018] HANBAEK introduces the Disposable Vaginal Speculum that Unpleasant Down, worried about infection No

HANBAEK participates in ‘KIMES Busan 2018’, which is being held in Bexco, Busan from the 19th to the 21st, and introduces Disposable Vaginal Speculum.

HanBaek Disposable Vaginal Speculum is used only once, so women’s anxiety about infection during gynecological treatment is solved, and E.O gas sterilization improves hygiene remarkably. It is made of synthetic resin suitable for human body, and it is soft when inserted into the vagina with a predetermined elasticity, and prevents cold feeling of metal, thereby providing a comfortable feeling of use.

This product is exported to more than 20 countries in the Americas and Europe together with the quality certification of the manufacturer and In the developed countries, it is being used by law. Currently, HANBAEK has obtained KFDA quality certification.And the insurance benefits have been finalized since August 1 of this year.

HANBAEK is a direct import and OEM manufacturer of disposable sterile drape,Hanbaek coban pressure bandage,Elastic bandage,hanbaek gauze,Carezyme,Care Norinse,Bubble Safe, Tongue Depressor, Uitrasound Transmission gel,Glove etc ..products including disposable vaginal speculum. It also distributes medical equipment and quasi-drugs such as syringes and disinfectants.

Since its establishment in October 2006, the company has received the first import license for disposable-diameter medical devices.

In 2010, we received the import permit for Tongue depressor, Hanbaek Sterilization Gauze, Hanbaek elastic bandage in 2012, Hanbaek Folded Gauze in 2014, Polyglove production in 2015, Blood pressure cuff, U Shape Forearm Walker, Zimmer frame in 2016, Disposable sterilized wraps in 2017.

Meanwhile, the emergence of medical services using big data and smart healthcare medical devices creates a new concept of health care market. At this point, KIMES Busan 2018 offers an opportunity to experience the next generation of medical devices and healthcare products that respond to the future health care market. KIMES Busan 2018 will also introduce a variety of smart healthcare products and services that are evolving into big data, IoT, biotechnology (BT), and ICT (Information Communication Technology).

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