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Dongwon Medical Global, Increased overseas buyer call with brand ‘White Rose’

The continued desire of the people for the beauty sparked a technological development in various fields. Recently, there has been an increasing number of patients who are choosing a lifting technique using an absorbable thread in their skin for those who feel unsatisfied with cosmetics and devices due to lack of elasticity on their skin.

In the “MEDICAL FAIR ASIA & MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2018”, which is held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore from August 28 to 31, 2018, sponsored by Medica-Asia, Dongwon’s own brand “White Rose”, was first exhibited.

Dongwon Medical Global has been very Popular during the event so that the buyers and visitors of the event never stopped visiting. However, corporate officials of Dongwon responded with sincerity without any exhaustion and raised export performance.

Dongwon Medical Global is a promising export company that handles all processes directly without outsourcing and develops and produces all the products that customers need.
Like the company slogan “Today we meet is the most beautiful day,” it is very important for the representative to play all the fields together and actively grasp the needs of customers.

The PDO thread (the name of the product “White Rose”) is also very hot in response to K-beauty’s popularity worldwide. The only non-surgical treatment of Dongwon Medical global can directly treat skin and the product is becoming popular with filler and Botox as increasing interest in anti-aging recently, and Dongwon Medical Global is the most popular companies of all similar companies.

At this fair, Dongwon Medical Global’s product, “White Rose”, was one of the booths that received high interest in the field because the product image was beautiful and misunderstood as cosmetics brand. It also introduced the most various types of PDO product lines. Especially, it was time to check product competitiveness and brand power so that many buyers and on-site PR teams were filmed with the core brand “White Rose.” “White Rose” has the strongest effect among PDO threads. It has the largest and deepest spines in the range where the tensile strength of the thread is maintained, and the retention period is also very long.

Furthermore, “White Rose” has a Various product lineup that produces and exports almost all types of products distributed on the market, and the Global technology of Dongwon Medical Global is more prominent than other simple products.

Ryu Ji-hyun, the Representative of Dongwon Medical Global said, “While the EU-Asia Gateway event was significant for me in meaning to measure European interest in Korean companies, this exhibition, I’m sure, will be a continuous development of Dongwon Medical Global.” Also, he added, “We have confirmed that there are various needs of customers in the PDO thread therapy, which is a part of K-beauty in various countries. Based on the outstanding technology of Dongwon Medical Global, we will continue our efforts to promote K beauty through “White Rose Skill up hands-on lecture” by overseas local key doctors.”

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