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[Preview of KIMES Busan 2018] Solmitech introduces home healthcare camera ‘Refit Cam’

Solmitech participates in ‘KIMES Busan 2018’, which is being held in Bexco, Busan from the 19th to the 21st, and introduces home healthcare camera ‘Refit Cam’.

Ever since its establishment in 2010, Solmitech has grown into one of the leading companies for next generation healthcare devices by integrating ICT(Information Communication Technology) expertise and medical device development know-hows. Solmitech has provided high quality mobile healthcare products and various application software for individual and group healthcare management.

‘Home healthcare camera – Refit Cam’, one of Solmitech’s flagship product, is a smartphone interworking real-time health camera to allows you to check ears, mouth, nose, scalp, and skin condition anytime and anywhere. It is can transmit photos and videos via email or SNS network to others and provides benefit of ergonomic design, excellent portability, and ease of use. This product was selected as ‘Best SME product of the month’ and ‘HIT 500’ by SBC(Small & medium Business Corporation) in 2016.

‘Refit Cam-Medi’ can display eardrum images on a smartphone screen, and it is certified domestic and European medical device certification. This product is recognized for its excellence in quality and technology by awarding ‘Best of MADE IN KOREA at MWC 2017 Top 5’ at MWC 2017 held in Barcelona, Spain in February 2017 and ‘ Analyst’s Choice Award ‘at Hong Kong Electronics Fair held in October 2017. By joining KIMES Busan 2018, it is expected for Solmitech to accelerate and enhance marketing activities toward to world-wide market.

Meanwhile, the emergence of medical services using big data and smart healthcare medical devices creates a new concept of health care market. At this point, KIMES Busan 2018 offers an opportunity to experience the next generation of medical devices and healthcare products that respond to the future health care market. KIMES Busan 2018 will also introduce a variety of smart healthcare products and services that are evolving into big data, IoT, biotechnology (BT), and ICT (Information Communication Technology).

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