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‘G-FAIR KOREA 2018’, the largest small and medium business fair in Korea ends successfully

G-FAIR KOREA 2018 (GFK 2018), the largest SME Excellence Fair in Korea, was held at the 1st KINTEX exhibition hall from October 24th to 27th (Saturday) in Goyang, Korea.

There were 860 foreign buyers from 747 companies and 364 foreign companies from 85 domestic companies. In addition, a number of achievements were exhibited during the exhibition period such as export consultation, purchase consultation, international exhibition, and G-Nius (E-commerce platform)

Sejong Mall (CEO: Shin Hyung-suk), a representative company that has achieved success in export conferences, has been manufacturing and exporting carbonated chalk directly to overseas famous universities such as Stanford University and Harvard University. 2018 G-FAIR Contracted with Classic International in Mumbai for $ 10,000, and is pursuing exclusive sales of chalk and other stationery to be exported to schools throughout India.

At the purchase meeting, ‘CIMA (bluetooth Microphone Speaker, CEO: Kim Byung-wook)’ showed potential. CIMA is a manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers with radio and home karaoke capabilities. ‘G Home Shopping’ showed great interest in Seima products, which are simple and luxurious designs and reasonable prices, and actively engaged in consultation.

‘World Korea (gas grill / electric heater, CEO: Lee Jong-won)’ consulted with the ‘Small and Medium Business Distribution Center’ about the new concept gas grill which can be used easily at home or outdoors. They aimed to distribute through home shopping, and decided to continue the re-meeting on price and conditions.

Meanwhile, ‘2018G-FAIR KOREA (Korea Excellent Product Exhibition)’ was hosted by the Gyeonggi Provincial and Small Business Support Center Council, sponsored by Gyeonggi Provincial Economic Science Promotion Agency and KOTRA, sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Small Venture Business Department, . The following items were exhibited. △ Household goods construction interior △ Leisure goods △ Electric and electronics △ Car accessories △ Medical supplies △ Kitchen furniture △ IT products

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