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‘2018 KITCHEN & BATH KOREA (KINBA 2018)’ held with ‘2018 Korea World Food Championships’ in KINTEX Today (November 1st)!

KITCHEN & BATH KOREA, which was held for the first time in Korea in 2017 on kitchen and bathroom was opened in KINTEX today (Thursday, November 1) with much more ample attractions to see.

Jointly organize by TV Chosun and The Fairs Co., Ltd., this event is held from November 1 to 4 in Hall 7 of second exhibition hall in KINTEX. It will present various attractions to see with the sponsorship of Gyeonggi-do, Korean Cooking Association, Korea TV Home Shopping Association, Koreans’ Kitchen Furniture Cooperative, Korean Interior Design Consumer Association, as well as Korean Special Sales & Distribution Association.

With the Koreans’ Kitchen Furniture Cooperative, the Special Hall for Kitchen Furniture & Bathroom Interior Design is participated by the small and medium-sized leading companies in Korea on kitchen system, sink, built-in cupboard, bathroom interior design, presenting the trends of kitchen/bathroom interior design. Korea’s representative cooking contest was also held by Korean Cooking Association was also held together.

In a Special Home Shopping Hall to be carried out with Korea TV Home Shopping Association, various small and medium-sized companies that have already entered famous Korean home shopping malls will participate and present various products such as bathroom supplies.

In the lecture ‘Tips for No Cheating in Interior Design’ held by the Korean Interior Design Consumer Association, current experts will reveal and introduce various interior design knowhows. The seminar on ‘Solving Korean Special Sale & Distribution Market at Once’ by Korean Special Sales & Distribution Association will introduce various ways to target online distribution market, providing information to visitors as well as industry employees. Moreover, Korea’s representative cooking contest ‘World Food Championships’ by the Korean Cooking Association was also held.

Regarding KITCHEN & BATH KOREA (KINBA), netizens are showing various responses such as ‘I highly look forward to it more than last year”, “I love KINBA because I can learn various information about interior design”, “I am highly looking forward to this year’s prizes”, “I will go to prepare my essential marriage articles”, etc. Detailed information can be found on the KINBA website.

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