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[KINBA 2018 Video] GrenTech presents Various Products made of Plasma Sterilized Water Conversion Technology

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GrenTech participated in the ‘2nd Kitchen & Bath Korea (KINBA 2018)’ held in the second exhibition hall of KINTEX from Thursday, November 1 to Sunday, November 4 and presented various products made of plasma sterilized water conversion technology.

GrenTech’s brands are SOOVON, ESTEAU, and RIAZERO, which own world-class patented technology that has the power to instantly purify and convert running water into sterilized plasma water.

SOOVON plasma hydrogen water is less than ORP -600 ~ -800 and reduces active oxygen that causes all kinds of diseases while maintaining healthy body. Its cluster size is 5 nano, which is much smaller than any water particle so it can be taken softly and is strongly penetrative that it is quickly absorbed into the body. SOOVON products include hydrogen water generator, smart hydrogen water device, and hydrogen water producer.

ESTEAU nano bubbles are the decomposition of regular water into nano bubble particles less than 5 nano, which is much smaller than the size of pores 25μm. They are high-tech bubbles that are easily penetrated into pores and eliminate all kinds of wastes, sterilize harmful germs, and supplies oxygen and moisture to skin, thus effective for skin beauty and improving skin diseases. The hydrogen mist made of these nano bubbles are drawing huge popularity these days.

RIAZERO water sterilizer is the world’s first sterilization system that instantly converts running water into sterilized water, and it has obtained patents in South Korea as well as China, Japan, and the U.S. By using the anion generated by plasma ion state through underwater electric discharge, this water sterilizing device makes daily life cleaner by sterilizing or eliminating germs, virus, detergent residue, and pollutants. RIAZERO products include MULO Hydro Life Styler, Hydrogen 3Way Water Sterilizer, and Hydrogen Dental Water Sterilizer, etc.

Meanwhile, ‘2018 KITCHEN & BATH KOREA (KINBA)’ hosted and organized by Fairs Co., Ltd. aims to spread the advanced technology and excellence of Korean kitchen and bath industry and promote active information exchange with the world’s prominent kitchen and bath companies. Visitors of ‘KINBA 2018’ will be able to read the industry trends and find the latest kitchen and bath-related products such as kitchen appliances, kitchen devices, kitchen system, kitchen supplies, bathroom appliances, bathroom remodeling, and bathing supplies.

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