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The Ministry of Culture and Communication conveys the value of Korean and Korean culture in London

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ministry of Culture and Tourism) and the Sejong Institute for the Arts (President Kang Hyun-hwa, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) will host the ‘2018 London International Language Program’ held at the Olympia West Hall, London, The Language Show 2018 ‘.

This year’s 30th annual London International Language Fair is a world-class language and cultural event that offers a variety of language-related content through seminars, exhibitions and performances. The event will include more than 100 institutions, including the Goethe Institute, the British Council, and the Japan Foundation, as well as a number of British institutions including Oxford University Press and London Metropolitan University.

The Hangul Pavilion introduces various cultural products and educational materials related to Korea with the theme of “Light up the HANGEUL, Korean language & Culture”. Korean textbooks on conversation and business developed by the foundation are displayed here, and Korean online contents and mobile apps that are fun and easy can be experienced on the spot.

In particular, prize-winning projects from ‘Creative Hangul Idea Contest’hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Arts and sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency will be exhibited at this event, showing the possibility of Hangul as a kinetic content that can be moved and touched — not just a character.

In addition, Korean language and Korean calligraphy, Korean traditional musical instruments and K-pop cover dance performances, which have become increasingly popular, will be performed at the fair.

The Ministry of Culture and Politics said, “This exhibition is an opportunity for participants to learn about the origins of Hangeul from present principles to the future. By experiencing Korean language and Korean culture, including Hangeul, in various ways and enjoying it together, we look forward to spreading our global value. ”

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