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[Video] “Care U” to provide more effective welfare solutions for the elderly based on mental health related games, senior management, and educational contents

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Care U is a company that develops and distributes digital content for the elderly over the age of 60. It has an individual app for depression and stress as well as contents called ‘EnBrain’ which helps prevent cognitive dementia. Based on this, Care U provides 20 kinds of games for different recognition areas. In addition, there is a platform where managers can manage the elderly’s physical, cognitive, competence, and social activities as a whole.

Care U not only provides apps but also uses smart devices and equipment based on the concept of smart healing space and education using apps, and is trying to manage the mental health of the elderly. Recently, they have started the cognitive training program as a pilot project at 300 welfare centers throughout the country and participated in projects in the Dementia Center, the Public Health Center, and the Centers for Dementia.

Care U is also planning, educating and consulting on the entire content related to mental health, and aims to improve the quality of life for the elderly through various contents as well as the game and management platform.

“We are going to further improve the programs related to mental health care currently being developed by Care U,” said Shin Joon-young, CEO of Care U. “In addition to contents, we will work with various products related to VR and IOT to effectively care for mental health and aging of elderly people.”

“We are trying to spread our product to the whole country by making a solution that enables elder people to live a comfortable life without entering a caring facility.”

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