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[VIDEO] Korean Rice Wine Association joins Korea-Vietnam Food Culture Festival

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Korean Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) Association will be participating in the ‘10th Korea-Vietnam Food Culture Festival 2018’, scheduled for Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. The institute will establish an independent building to publicize their beverage, expecting increase in exports.

This Korean-Vietnam Food Culture Festival is one of the largest food festivals in Vietnam, joined by both private and public organizations such as Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Vietnam, aT, association of Korean residents in Vietnam, KOPIA and more.

Although the rice wine exports to Vietnam have been increasing over 30% in the last 3 years, it is mainly consumed by Korean residents, which they will unfold active publicizing and marketing toward the locals.

There will also be an event for both embassy guests and VIPs featuring rice wine from famous Korean breweries, to effectively globalize the products.

“Vietnam has a high consumption in alcoholic beverages with high preference in rice-made drinks, exports last year exceeding over $600,000 from $400,000 of 2015. we are predicting potential demands in Makgeolli with rising exports,” said Bae Hye Jeong, an executive director of the association.

“We planned this year’s event based on active publicizing of Makgeolli to expand its consumption, and we will display samples with new products based on high consumer preferences for future marketing strategies,” she added.

“From this festival we anticipate expansions in exchange through variety of fields, with prolonged friendly relationship in both countries,” the official of the Korean residents in Vietnam said.

Under the slogan ‘LET’S ENJOY FOOD & CULTURE’, there will be variety of events including a special K-Pop performance, introduction of Korean soul food and traditional culture, ‘new menu announcement’ that people from both countries could enjoy, with a pleasing food shop corners.

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