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[2018 COEX Food Week] Rural Women Leaders Federation presents the results for 60th anniversary and presents the future direction

“Rural Women Leaders Federation” celebrates its 60th anniversary and presents its results and vision in “2018 COEX Food Week” held at COEX, Samsung-dong, for a total of four days from November 28 to December 1.

The Rural Women Leaders Federation is a women’s organization that plays a leading role in rational household management, improvement of living environment, traditional living culture, and science agriculture by improving the quality of rural life and contributing to community development. The purpose of the establishment is as follows. Fostering healthy farming households, voluntary participation in the development of local communities, nurturing women’s future generations to protect farming villages, and contributing to improving women’s status and interests.

“The committee has been steadily leading women’s rights and interests for 60 years since it started as a life improvement club in 1958,” said a representative for the Rural Women Federation. “We will develop our capabilities as a future agricultural development partner and prepare thoroughly as a global agricultural facilitator and partner,” she said.

Meanwhile, the “2018 COEX Food Week (the 13th Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition)” is Korea’s largest food exhibition where you can see the latest food trends at home and abroad. During the exhibition, large retailers such as E-Mart, Lotte Mart, GS25, Shinsegae Food, CJ Freshway, and other domestic and foreign buyers will hold a business match consultative meeting. It is also going to run variety of special programs such as HACCP KOREA for food industry workers, ‘2018 Korea Food Technology Conference’ and ‘Seoul Cold Chain Forum’ for future of the food industry.

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