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Korea’s largest food festival ‘2018 COEX Food Week’ opens

The biggest food festival in Korea, ‘2018 COEX Food Week (13th Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition)’ is being held for four days at COEX, Samsung-dong, from today to Dec. 1st (Sat.) More than 1,500 booths from 900 companies participated this year.

COEX Food Week was held annually since 2006 and was held for the 13th time this year. The event has been presenting the trend of the food industry which is rapidly changing as well as hosting special exhibition where people can meet the latest food trends.

In order to communicate with the broader audience this year, various themes such as “Good Eating and Good Living Fun” were selected. A variety of food tasting booths and attractions were set in place for everyone to enjoy.

In the exhibition hall are two different types of pavilions. First, the ‘Basic Pavilion’, a specialized exhibition hall for the standard food industry, and the ‘Trend Pavilion’, where trendy food and a variety of new experience programs can be enjoyed.

In addition, various programs such as live cooking shows of famous foreign chefs, one-day baking class, and other special events are held for visitors.

The Basic Pavilion, which has 550 companies and 900 booths, is a food exhibition hall where you can get the latest food trends in one place. Presented in the pavilion are: ▲Premium agricultural and fishery products ▲Strong Small Farm products ▲HMR ▲Food packaging equipment ▲Global Food Fair ▲Kitchen Fair ▲Bakery Fair.

In the ‘Premium Agricultural & Fishery Products’ section, you can find selected domestic agricultural and livestock products, excellent local products, etc. In addition, the Strong Small Farmer Exhibition, hosted by the Rural Development Administration, will take place. This program intends to aid ‘small but strong farmers’ all over the country in increasing revenue and running proper marketing plans.

You can also look into the HMR and food packaging equipment section. The HMR market size is expected to exceed KRW 4 trillion this year, and ‘Food Packaging Equipment Hall’ displays everything related to food packaging from packaging materials to label, and cold chains.

In addition, the ‘Global Food Fair’ where foreign food from 100 foreign companies such as Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and China can be seen, will be opened. There will also be overseas export business consulting meetings where 20 countries and 100 foreign importers will participate.

Trendy Pavillion, which includes a total of 350 companies and 600 booths, is made up of Seoul Dessert Show, Dingul Market, The Lounge of Craft Beer, and the Korea-ASEAN Culinary Fair. At the ‘Seoul Desert Show’, which is enjoying a hot response each year, colorful bakeries and dessert products, including beverages, liquors and related equipment, will be displayed to attract visitors.

At the Dingul Market, a famous flea market among the housewives, you can meet various kinds of home-living items including kitchen utensils, household appliances, furniture, etc. You can also experience the global cooking show of famous chefs from 10 countries at the Korea-ASEAN Culinary Fair.

During this exhibition, a business meeting with domestic and foreign buyers, including large-scale distributors and food and beverage companies such as E-Mart, Lotte Mart, GS25, Shinsegae Food, CJ Freshway will be held. Food Week also hosts events such as HACCP KOREA, 2018 Korea Food Tech Conference and Seoul Cold Chain Forum for food industry workers.

“COEX Food Week continues to be a major event in the food industry, presenting the latest trends in food and future trends,” said Park Ki-sun, head of the COEX Food Week Secretariat. “This event will be a great experience for both industry workers and the general public as we run differentiated exhibitions for all types of visitors.”

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