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[MIK 2018 Seaon 2] Mr.mind Launches Chat Bot Builder Platform

Mr.mind(CEO Kim Dong Won) launched a ‘Chat Bot Builder’ Service at ‘The 10th MIK 2018 Conference&Networking seoson 2,’ on December 5th.

(Photo: AI capsule turns into a smart toy after implemented into a rag doll)

Mr.mind previously launched a chat bot builder platform service using the mind-map concept, facilitating the user to make a personal chat bot. In succession, Mr.mind has developed an ‘AI capsule’ that can transform an ordinary rag doll into a smart toy, expecting to be launched at early next year.

Significantly, the AI capsule can be combined with various I/O devices such as speakers, cameras, microphones, beam-projectors, and sensors, making it capable to use Wi-Fi and be applied on cloud service.

President Kim Dong Won explains that “The AI capsule can be implanted to rag dolls or 3D printer outcomes to make diverse manufactures. It can also offer a voice to voice solution, in which an AI will answer questions from calls.”

(Photo: A rag doll with an AI capsule implanted)

Meanwhile, the event, meeting its 10th opening, was held by ‘AVING NEWS,’ taking part in approximately 100 exhibitions’ media partner, and having built a global news network with major presses of 54 countries. Furthermore, famous home and foreign medias including Vietnam Plus of Vietnam, IC smart of China, Geekazine of the USA, Le Café du Geek of France, Moneytoday, IT Donga, Smart PC Love, Earlyadopter of South Korea,

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(Photo: Mr.mind was selected as the MIK 2018 Season 2 top 2nd company by GEEKAZIN(USA), Le Café du Geek(FARANCE))

(Photo by Choi Song Ha)

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