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[MIK 2018 Season 2] STUDIO INYO, released ‘EGGGOOG’, an animation recognized in the global market

STUDIO INYO (CEO Seung-hwa Kim) announced the Anime ‘EGGGOOG,’ which is an animation based on the message of growth and cooperation, on the 5th at the 10th MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Season 2 (MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Season 2) held at the Milpitia Hotel in Seongnam.

STUDIO INYO is an animation production company, which is broadcasting the animation ‘EGGGOOG’ on SBS from March 2018 until January 2019. At the time of the airing, it was ranked 1st in audience rating. The company also licenses 17 items including food and beverage, plush toys, towels, and games.

‘EGGGOOG’ has created a world view of festivals and anniversaries everywhere in the world to convey the message of growth to viewers around the world. In addition, the story is conveyed through charming but various charming characters.

“The EGGGOOG started with a simple idea of ​​how good it would be if it was a day filled with lots of festivals and anniversaries,” says STUDIO INYO CEO Kim Seung-hwa. “The story is also easy to access. “In this regard, there is a similar aspect to start-up companies.”

The story of EGGGOOG is recognized in the global market. It had the honor to be awarded as one of the best storytelling companies in the American Film Market (AFM) in the United States.

Thanks to this, exports are getting stronger. STUDIO INYO is discussing terms with Mongolia, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia. In particular, STUDIO INYO has already signed a contract with a Chinese company and EGGGOOG 2 has already concluded a joint contract with India for 1.2 million dollars.

In addition, STUDIO INYO has a special technology to speed up and reduce costs by improving animation pipeline. “Most of the animation companies need more than 150 people, but STUDIO INYO has only 30 people, because it can work efficiently with advanced rendering technology. And can reduce production costs by up to 35%. ”

Kim said, “This year, STUDIO INYO has achieved a good performance in the Asian market, and we will strengthen the Asian market in 2019, and we will actively challenge the American market, which is an advanced animation market. I am going to start a new market.”

After EGGGOOG, STUDIO INYO is going to introduce a heroic animation, which is a popular genre in the global market recently, and is expecting to launch in 2020.

Meanwhile, the event is hosted by AVING NEWS, a media partner of MWC and IFA, one of the top three IT / Tech / CE exhibitions in the world, and partners with more than 100 exhibitions a year. In addition, media companies such as VietnamPlus, China ICsmart, US Geekazine, France Le Café du Geek, Korea IT Donga, Smart PC Sarang and Early Adapters will participate as media partners.

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(Photo caption: Representative AVING News, Kim Ki-bae, second from left, Representative Kim Seung-hwa of STUDIO INYO, who was selected as the MIK TOP 2 AWARDS company of MIK 2018 season 2)

(Photo by reporters Shin-Doo-young, Choi Song-ha)

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