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[MIK 2018 Season 2] T.Raum Lab, Presents 3D Simulation Interior Experience Service ‘My Home Coordinator Qoobo’

T.Raum Lab (CEO Cho Won-jin) presented ‘My Home Coordinator Qoobo,’ a home furnishings platform that can be used in the living room through 3D simulation, at the 10th MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Season 2 (MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Season 2) held at Seongnam Millitopia Hotel.

T.Raum Lab is a provider of digital visualization solutions for the architectural and interior industries, providing VR, VR360 and real-time 3D simulation solutions. In March, they released ‘Home Pick,’ a 3D real-time interior curator for interior practitioners. Also in January 2019, they are planning to launch My Home Coordinator Qoobo, an interior and home furnishing platform for the general public.

T.Raum Lab not only provides solutions for architectural and interior spaces, but also solutions for finishing materials for domestic wallpaper, flooring, tile and brick. T.Raum Lab’s 3D interior curator, ‘Home Pick’, is being used by 30 companies nationwide. Today, ‘Qoobo’ has 24 companies including finishing materials, furniture and accessories. At this event, T. Raum Lab hopes to have the opportunity to communicate with global interior designers who need digital visualization of their product line and B2B providers in the home furnishing market.

“My Home Coordinator Qoobo is able to do high-quality interior simulation that was not available before,” said T. Raum Lab president Cho Won-jin. “It is also possible to arrange details from large furniture to small items, Because the community is available on the homepage, we can get more information through exchanging information among members.

“We are now able to combine data from more than 5,000 companies and are constantly updating. We can make transparent interior construction through comparison of price quotations. There are also image capture function and high quality detail display function that allows users to meet their homes in advance.”

My Home Coordinator Qoobo’s biggest asset is data. Even if there is a lot of data from many interior companies, it would be useless if there is no data about the consumers’ homes.

“Currently, T.Raum Lab has about 100 collection data for each year and company, and we will concentrate our efforts on accumulating data for the whole country after opening in early January 2019,” said Cho. “We plan to prepare a simulation for the shopping center and office in the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the event is hosted by AVING NEWS, a media partner of MWC and IFA, one of the top three IT / Tech / CE exhibitions in the world, and partners with more than 100 exhibitions a year. In addition, media companies such as VietnamPlus, China ICsmart, US Geekazine, France Le Café du Geek, Korea IT Donga, Smart PC Sarang and Early Adapters will participate as media partners.

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(Photo caption: Representative AVING News, Kim Ki-bae, second from left, Representative Cho Won-jin of T.Raum Lab, who was selected as the MIK TOP 2 AWARDS company of MIK 2018 season 2)

(Photo by reporters Shin-Doo-young, Choi Song-ha)

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