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[Preview CES 2019] Dr. Lisa Su, the hero who saved AMD, will be the keynote speaker at CES 2019

ES 2019 keynote speaker will be “Lisa Su,” the AMD CEO who saved AMD from crisis. Her keynote address will be held at the Venetian Palazzo Ballroom in Las Vegas on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 9:00 am.

In this speech, Dr. Su will present a variety of applications for new computing technologies ranging from games and entertainment to the future. He will present the Ryzen PC CPU, Radeon graphics processor, and ZEN2 architecture-based next generation CPU, It is expected to provide information on the Ryzen 3000 ‘roadmap.

Su is praised as a heroine who has saved AMD, which has been pushed out of competition with Intel after failing in two strategies of CPU architecture ‘bulldozer’ and CPU and GPU combined ‘APU product line’. Dr. Su has been planning a diversification strategy for the video game market in 2012, supplying ‘APU’ to video game machines developed by Microsoft and Sony, and after the launch of both game machines, AMD succeeded in getting out of the crisis.

AMD is booming in the CPU market after launching the ‘Zen’ architecture and its ‘Ryzen’ processor in February 2017, which is now proprietary to AMD PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. In addition, Lisa Su believes there is a great potential for block chain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies-based technologies and has focused on developing drivers for block chain and Bitcoin operation. Based on this technology, AMD launched the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4, which improved efficiency in March when using existing graphics cards for password-borrowing.

“We see blockchain as a positive technology that can change the way we interact on a daily basis,” she said. “Blockchain technology will bring chances to change the way we do business on the Internet.”

(Photo caption: Lisa Su is giving a speech at MIT)

In addition, with the expansion of AMD’s line-up by 2018, AMD’s products in the industry are attracting attention as the supply of Intel’s CPU from competitors fails to keep pace with demand. In the PC market, it is estimated that based on this situation, AMD defeated Intel, who was a classic in the CES keynote.

The world’s largest technology exhibition, CES 2019, will be held from Tuesday 8 January 2019 to Thursday 11 November 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is a global event for everyone in the technology industry and a high-level business event that encompasses a wide range of industries.

On the other hand, AVING NEWS, the media company that is most passionate about advertising Korean companies in the world, is planning to launch the CES 2019 start-up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT as a project to help domestic start-ups to advance into the global market. Considering the advantages of CES, which is not a traditional joint venture, it plans to expose promising start-ups to investors, businesses and media through a variety of programs including participation strategy consulting, public relations marketing, and networking parties. Particularly, on the third evening of the exhibition, the company plans to hold a ‘MIK NIGHT’ party, a business networking party, inviting investors and media that companies have met.

MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT is jointly planned and operated by AVING NEWS and Global MICE Expert Group, GMEG.

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