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[CES 2019 Enjoy 100 Times] 3-1 “What is CES? The top MBA course in the million dollar level!”

(Picture description 1: Eureka Park has emerged as the hottest space at CES)

 1. What is CES? 4-day ground-top MBA course!

CES is the best on-site MBA course. There is probably no better place in the world than CES to learn and experience business. If the entire CES exhibition hall is a campus, there are thousands of experts in each field that cannot be met by school education institutions. There is a growing accumulation of new technology products that can actually be experienced, not theory or practice. That is to say.

In order to learn business, it is necessary to know the market. CES has three elements of Market: place, people who move the space, and product. And they are perfectly placed. If you have a space full of the best players who are leading the human history in the 21st century, the best people engaged in the company, and the most advanced technology developed by them, it is the best place on earth and the best course to study.

This year, it is expected to set up the exhibition hall at the southern end of the LVCC Center Hall as usual, but if possible, start the MBA course at the Intel or Qualcomm booth on the first day of the official exhibition. If you go to the Qualcomm booth at Intel for thinking about getting a full orientation to the CES workshop, you will be able to see the overview.

To fully understand the overall flow of consumer technology, you may have to stay in the orientation for quite some time. Intel and Qualcomm Booth are all about learning about CES’s most hot consumer technology trends and most technology and product issues – AI, autonomous vehicles, IoT, drones, 5G, AR & VR, You will be able to catch your senses. The start is half, so even if you only take your first class, half of the CES can be measured.

Be sure to experience the products and technologies you can experience, and if you have any questions about the booth, feel free to ask. Prepared masters by major categories of technology will be very friendly to you. It is also a good way to learn to listen to other visitors. Most of the people who explain the products and technologies in the exhibition booth are likely to be experts in the field. If you meet a person or engineer who has developed a product or technology, you will also gain in depth of knowledge and knowledge.

(Picture 2: Intel Booth is full of CES programs)

Intel and Qualcomm products and technologies will give you a glimpse of the entire CES 2019,. Then move to the middle of the Central Hall to watch LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony booths. The booths of these companies, which mainly exhibit finished products, will be decorated in a very colorful way. Most of those who are placed in the booths of these major companies and who explain the products or technologies will be looking for a light tour because they are exhibitors who are well informed about general visitors.

However, the high-tech (?) People who came to visit the CES exhibition for the purpose of “sightseeing” spend a lot of time in booths such as Samsung and LG which boast of booth design and wonderful finished products. There is a lot of things to see “, but it means that you cannot see the forest and see only the trees, and the level of learning that you expect through CES is not so high.

Every year, Panasonic will have a separate closed presentation space in addition to the exhibition hall. If you stand in line and wait for it, try it all. Japanese companies tend to decorate their exhibition space with an emphasis on explaining the technology that has melted in them rather than on external products. And because it shows a lot of audiovisual materials in order to make the process of implementing technology as stereoscopic as possible, it is good for time-effective learning.

North Hall can be used for automobile related products and technologies, and South Hall can learn and experience software and mobile related products and technologies. Major carmakers have shown a variety of autonomous concept cars in CES over recent years and have shown many ‘goodies’ that are installed there, so those who attend CES every year may feel a little bit flat this year.

However, since Google has recently launched commercial services for autonomous vehicles, it may be possible for automakers to showcase their concepts, products, technologies and solutions that further accelerate commercialization. It is interesting to note how Toyota’s “e-Palette Concept” announced at CES last year will show progress and how Honda’s Robot-Mobility is approaching commercialization .

Anyway, the best place to spend your time is the Eureka Park in the Sands Expo Pavilion, where the start-ups gather. A few years ago, the most popular space at CES was replaced by the Sands Expo Pavilion, where the startups gathered, not the central hall of world class companies. The size of Eureka Zone grows every year, but it is expected that the number of participating companies and size of exhibition hall will be larger than last year.

Start-ups participating in the Eureka Park are pre-screened by CTA, the host of CES. However, the screening standards are somewhat demanding, and the technologies and products to be exhibited must be newly developed and should be first introduced at CES. That’s why the products and technology of start-ups in the Eureka zone are novel and inspirational.

When you are learning about products and technologies, analyze and deduce the history and story of it before it appears or functions. And listen to the stories of CEOs and developers who are the heroes of history and story. Even if it’s simple, thousands of companies will showcase tens of thousands of products and technologies at CES, so there are tens of thousands of history and stories at the same time.

If you’re a startup CEO, take a look at the history and story behind hidden products and technologies. There will be a background and reason for the development of the product and technology, so if you analyze it, CES will become an even more interesting study field. Then you will get lots of productive inspiration.

If we assume that a product or technology is a learning curriculum, then CES will have thousands of things for you to learn. So if you think of CES as an MBA course, the official exhibition period of four days will be too short. Even if you study for 8 hours a day without a break, you will only have 30 hours available.

(Reference video 1: Intel Mega Experience – CES 2018)

(Reference video 2: Google booth tour at CES 2018)

※ I have been producing CES documentaries every year for several years. I also plan to produce a video on CES2019 for 50-60 minutes. Of course, you can do all of your production by yourself on your own smartphone. The reason for making a documentary on smartphone was to use it as lecture (educational use) material.

I think that it is best to present the vivid scene with visual images in the flow of global industry, knowledge of new technology or new product, and information transmission. By doing it all by yourself, you can save on production costs. Generally, if you make 50 ~ 60 minute documentary, you have to invest a lot of manpower and cost from planning stage to production completion.

I hope that there will be more opportunities for me to create a documentary for those who cannot participate in the CES, that is, those who cannot get on the spacecraft to the future world. Those who need creative inspiration from CES 2019, and those who are curious about Big Picture and Mega Trend, please do not miss the opportunity to view my documentary footage (CES 2019 Review – scheduled for January 2019).


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