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[CES 2019 Enjoy 100 times 3-2] “Startup CEOs, look for life-changing lottery at CES.”

(Photo 1 and 2: Start-up CEOs at CES should focus more on people than on products and technology – products and technologies are just a way to meet “VIPs”)

In CES 2019, about 200,000 people, including about 65,000 “Decision Makers” in 155 countries, will participate in the exhibition booth or attend the exhibition. It includes more than 6,000 media representatives from around the world gathering in Las Vegas to uncover exciting newscast headlines, and this includes YouTube Creators, who are more influential than any other media.

The company will showcase the latest, cutting-edge products and technologies that have just emerged from the laboratory or factory just as if they were putting out their booths and participating in about 4,500 companies, as if they were offering freshly baked bread from the oven. As a matter of course, CEOs of companies who have developed tens of thousands of products and technologies that have filled the CES exhibition hall and managers in each field are looking forward to seeing the exhibition doors open to boast of the efforts that they have put in.

In order to find investment targets for investors to find their investment targets, and retail companies to find products that can be ‘hot items,’ Public sector officials to look for skills needed for their own economic development, and for market surveys, a large number of corporate planning investigators will be outfitting the CES Las Vegas flight.

As such, CES will create a very powerful whirlpool and suck up important people into Las Vegas as soon as we start the new year. During the exhibition, more than 200,000 people will come to Las Vegas for different purposes and reasons, but each and every one of them will have value. Although they may have different nationalities and different languages ​​and different languages, they have reasons to pay twice as much for flight tickets, up to 6 times more expensive hotel fees to come to CES.

If you are a start-up CEO who booths at the CES exhibition, you will notice that this is a great opportunity, as curiosity and interests about your company will rise.

People clashing with shoulders while passing through complex exhibition halls, people waiting for the next turn at the exhibition booth, people lined up in front of Starbucks, people looking at the menu to order food at the food code, Everyone you meet at the CES exhibition hall, including those who sit next to the shuttle bus, are the people who can become a precious VIP.

Why? That’s right. They are likely to be like a lottery ticket that will make your life a success. You cannot meet these people in Korea even if you wanted to.

So, if you are a start-up CEO who has set up your booths with products and technology, you need to set up an “extraordinary goal.” Define CES as the Network Party chair who can meet the “VIPs” that will make it possible for you and your company to succeed.

Do not wait in the booth for the partners, buyers, investors and reporters you need. It’s not like the attitude of catching a whale with a bamboo fishing rod with a fishing hook in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It might be better for you to think that there is nobody to visit and look at your products and technologies. That will make the tension even higher.

I often hear that. There are people who pour out complaints about the fact that the exhibition booth location is not good and the booths are empty. The thirsty man should find the well. It is foolish to wait until the water drops from the sky.

Actively look for ‘VIPs’ that will make you successful. Where and how do you find them? First look through the official route. It is natural to utilize the list of participating companies in the book published by CES, and find out the companies involved in the booth where your booth is located.

I will remind you once again, however, that the official exhibition period of 4 days is a very short time to accomplish something, so you need to manage your time effectively. So the first thing you need to do is find a partner, a buyer, or a booth in a company that is likely to invest or take over in the future.

And another, there are VIPs that must be utilized. YouTubers. They are the people who will tell about your products and technologies on your behalf to the market. Also utilize the reporters. Find media reporters from around the world. Not only from Korea but also from more than 150 countries around the world who want to convey the charm of your products and technology and they will be able to tell your wonderful stories.

Do you know how important and effective media is in terms of “sales activities?” Let’s say that there are people coming to the booth during the official exhibition period for four days. But how many people will come? And can you tell all these people a great story about the product and technology? And can you and your team members get the information perfectly right? Will they listen from beginning to end, concentrating on your story? Can they fully understand how attractive your products and technologies are?

The answer to these questions is very negative. The number of visitors to the booth during the exhibition period will be very limited. In addition, you will not be able to properly explain the products and technologies to the people who come because of the problems of language and communication ability and lack of preparation. There may be only a few people who fully understand your product and technology. Or no one at all …

However, media representatives from more than 150 countries, who have received permission from the host CTS and paid a high price to travel to the CES exhibition hall with their “official press” badge flying to Las Vegas, will be able to tell your wonderful story to a million people. They pay a few hundred dollars a day and will play a big role in comparison to the part-time job you hire.

Those who see the news and the images they have reported will have a clear purpose. Few people will see news and videos of your products and technology without reason. They will be interested and willing to look for news and footage voluntarily, so you are likely to be your potential customers, buyers, investors and partners.

At CES, which cost tens of thousands of won to hundreds of millions of won, it might not be possible to find a single “VIP”, but through news and video, the probability of reaching potential customers, partners, buyers and investors will be close to 100%. Yes, that’s right. If the news and the video are made so that the feedback can come, is not it better?

Unfortunately, CEOs of Korean companies are not able to escape from the ‘culture of media’. Media awareness is either negative or stuck in the old-fashioned ’20th Century journalism’. In addition, it is a very localized meaning of ‘publicity’ and it cannot be used well in the media utilization strategy which is suitable for the age of online media, such as YouTube & SNS. In this age media is the Alpha and Omega of business sales.

CTA, the host of the exhibition, is the most successful group to make CES successful. It is no exaggeration to say that CES has become the best exhibition on the ground today thanks to the media. Major events at CES, including two days before the official show, are mostly for media. The CTA offers a huge budget and a wide range of benefits to the media, all of which comes from your participation fee. So using media is a natural right for the participants.

There is a media room on the 2nd floor of the LVCC South Hall or on the Sands Expo exhibition floor with Eureka Park. The most effective way to reach reporters or playgroups is lunch. At 11:30 am, reporters lined up in the media room to get a lunch box. It will be an opportunity for you to meet reporters and playmakers most easily.

Another important tip.

The CES exhibition space is literally an ‘official space’. At the end of the exhibition time, Las Vegas becomes a network party. It’s because big and small events are held in hotels, restaurants and bars all night long. There, businesses like to buy, share, and share interests with buyers, investors, and media. Even if you do not refer to the “Be a friend first” business success rule, meeting and eating and drinking is an important process and a process you must go through to get your business started.

The official and unofficial event press and start-up parties will be held every evening from January 7, the day before official exhibition, to January 10, the third day, to meet corporate, media, buyers, investors and analysts. Thousands of people attend large press parties. Of course, you may have to pay a certain amount of money to participate in the event.

There is a point to note. The spectacular city of Las Vegas is sure to tempt you with its attractions and amusement facilities. But do not fall into it. Do not waste your money on pennies and invest all the time in Las Vegas to find a ‘life-changing lottery’. Whenever possible, invite ‘VIPs’ you meet at the exhibition site to the appropriate place in the evening to make your relationship even closer.

(Image 2: Alf, which manufactures window mate autonomous mobile robot cleaners, is a very strategic start-up for media use)

I will remind you of some of the things you need to get ready to meet your “VIPs” and finish writing.

First, dress up when you come to the CES. You cannot just come in like that to meet the VIPs who might make you successful. It would be nice if you had a unique look that would interest you. Products and technology are very attractive, but if the CEO is not attractive …

Second, prepare the data sufficiently. Avoid bulky and heavy materials and arrange them as ‘digital content’ whenever possible. In this sense, images uploaded to YouTube in advance are the best materials. As soon as you receive a business card from someone, send the CEO’s greeting and YouTube link in the business card email. Do not forget to include a message to meet and talk over a meal.

Third, you should take care of the materials you need to prepare for reporters and YouTubers. Prepare a digital data file describing products and technologies in English (best to have digital files than USB and send them by e-mail), high-quality image files, and image source files.

Fourth, I would also like to prepare a symbolic gift that is not bulky and light in weight.

Fifth, plan to participate in a networking party that is held every night. Also, restaurants in the Las Vegas Hotel are not so expensive, so invite prospective VIPs in the evening. I do not want to recommend places around the exhibition hall, the hotel restaurant since they are crowded are complicated. Meet at the exhibition and go outside. There are clean restaurants at about $30 distance on Uber lift, such as Korean restaurants or sushi restaurants. Such a place can be found in Yelp or Google search.

If you prepare this much, you can probably produce good results. Startup CEOs, I am proud to attend ‘Made in Korea’ start-up and hope to find a ‘Life-changing Lottery’ by taking advantage of the four days’ time.


Editor & USA Correspondent

(This is the story of three things that start-up CEOs should take care of at CES after 3-1)

※ AVING News will open a networking party (MIK Night) on January 10th, the third day of the official exhibition, by inviting interested media, buyers and investors to Korean companies. CEOs can invite media, buyers, and investors who have come to the booth to a party. More information about MIK Night will be announced later.

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