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[CES 2019 Preview] Hicodo will showcase story coding that anyone can easily learn coding

Hicodo will be exhibiting at MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT & MIK NIGHT in CES 2019 EUREKA PARK, the world’s largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, from January 8, # 52843) to showcase two types of story-coding (Dancing Ice Princess, Cinderella Glass Slipper).

Hicodo is a project-based company that is engaged in smart education for creativity from age 4 to adults. The company provides educational services, research and develop creative contents, and helps to realize individual dreams through ‘maker education’.

Existing coding training is often complex and expensive. To solve these problems, Hicodo studied products that can be easily enjoyed without any complicated or unnecessary parts. As a result, they have succeeded in creating products that can be coded and expressed through storytelling.

Hicodo’s story coding is based on a cardboard box with an add-on module, and provides easy-to-use workbooks to help you understand the basic concepts of coding. You can create your own stories using input, output, sensors and modules and you can paint and decorate them. This product has an advantage that it is possible to be applied to STEAM education which is a fusion of coding, art and science.

Hicodo’s main entry into the 2019 CES with the Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency is the Southeast Asian market, which is in the US and Europe and emerging markets. Hicodo intends to introduce new content every year and expand it into various business groups with the brand obtained through it. They will also participate in various domestic and international exhibitions and strive to expand our market share in export and domestic market.

On the other hand, MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT, which is a global project zone which is formed as part of a project to help Korea’s start-up into the global market, is attracting attention with various activities such as exhibition, pitching and party. Also, on the third evening of the exhibition, MIK NIGHT party, a business networking party, will be held. In addition, MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT will be jointly planned and operated by AVING NEWS and GMEG, a global MICE specialist company. CES 2019 is an innovative exhibition where technology companies that will lead the fourth industrial revolution will participate. The main categories are 3D Printing, Accessibility, Advertising, Marketing, Content and Entertainment, AR / VR and Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Audio and Video , Baby Tech, CES Sports Zone, Country Pavilions, Design & Source Showcase, Digital Money, Drones, Enterprise Solutions, Eureka Park, Family and Kids Tech, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Home Cinema, IoT Infrastructure, iProducts , Resilience, Self-Driving Technology, Sleep Tech, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Sports Tech, Tourism, Vehicle Technology, Wearables, Wireless Devices and Services.

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