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[CES 2019 Preview] LILLYCOVER, introducing ‘Muilli’ which can diagnose skin using multiple sensors

LILLYCOVER will exhibit ‘Muilli’ that allows skin diagnosis using multiple sensors at the CES 2019, the world’s largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, from January 8 (Tue) to January 11 (Fri) .

LILLYCOVER develops ICT convergence products and beauty total solution, and provides services that link hand-held type devices and mobile applications. LILLYCOVER also offers a three-step total solution. Regenerative massage using atmospheric pressure plasma technology, multi-dimensional skin diagnosis through camera and sensor, real-time skin management through application. Beyond this, we aim to provide users with the motivation to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

The ‘Muilli’ product, which enables self-skin analysis by enlarging the skin up to 60 times through the built-in camera lens, has many functions. The functions include ▲ skin type can be divided into 40 types according to the analyzed result. ▲ Provides quests and information for management through environment analysis ▲ Skin regeneration function through three-stage plasma massaging function ▲ Incorporates diagnostic function for external environmental factors affecting not only skin but also outside factors that affect your skin by using multiple sensors ▲ uses both camera shooting method and Sensor measurement method which enables more quantified skin diagnosis ▲ Analyzes measured parameters through algorithm and results can be monitored directly by user in conjunction with mobile app ▲ Provides self-management method according to skin condition and practical expert link ▲ Plasma technique applied to existing MTS (Microneedle Therapy System), laser, and biochemistry. ▶ The addition of the M-commerce service function provides a link between the supply of expert recommendation products and user purchasing.

Meanwhile, Daegu Technopark, which participates in the CES with local companies every year, will introduce 21 promising domestic companies in the upcoming 2019 CES. The 21 companies are available at the South Plaza Design & Source Showcase Zones in the showroom. Below are the companies that are participating in CES with support from Daegu Technopark Mobile Convergence Center. ▲Intin ▲RF ▲LILLYCOVER ▲JJTech ▲3i ▲Falcon ▲Green Zone Security ▲Tech Inc. ▲Netblue ▲COBL ▲Daeyoung Chaevi ▲Second Ground ▲iGiS ▲Namgyeong ▲Joy Drone. These companies will also participate in the “MIK Night” event, hosted by AVING NEWS.

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