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[Preview CES 2019] Link Flow, neck-band type wearable 360 degree camera ‘FITT360’ wins for 2 consecutive years at CES Innovation Award

The neck-band wearable 360-degree camera ‘FITT360’ developed by Link Flow (CEO Kim Yong-guk) received the innovation prize of Digital Imaging Division at CES 2019. Link Flow’s ‘FITT360’ won the CES Innovation Award for the second year in a row and was recognized worldwide for wearable 360 ​​camera technology.

CES selects innovative awards each year based on technology, design and user value. Link Flow was awarded Innovation Award in CES 2019 in the same category continuously for one year after the selection of CES 2018 Innovation Award by improving the usability of the product through functional addition and technology development.

The FITT360, developed by Link Flow, is a neck-mounted camera and can be freely photographed at 360 degrees on the neck, making it more usable than a conventional 360 degree camera in the form of a bar. In the first half of 2018, KRW 400 million was raised through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, a US crowdfunding platform. Currently, Link Flow is being validated for its business value by collaborating with various domestic and overseas large companies ahead of product launch in 2019.

“We know that it is very rare for CES to win awards for innovative products in succession,” said Kim Yong-guk, CEO of Link Flow. “We are pleased that the innovative value of FITT360 has been recognized internationally for two consecutive years.”

Link Flow is a start-up spin-off at Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab in 2016, attracting investment from leading global companies including Lotte Accelerator and Samsung Venture Investment. In September, we succeeded in mass production of ‘FITT360 SECURITY’, a security industrial model, and made a full-fledged entry into the Bodycam market. Link Flow is also supported by the K-ICT Born2 Global Center, which supports promising technology companies in the global market.

Kim Jong-gab, Born2 Global Center CEO, said, “The two-year continuous innovation award for CES 2018 and CES 2019 of the wearable 360-degree camera ‘FITT360’ demonstrates the technological competitiveness of Link Flow globally.” “I will be able to steadily provide the value that I have been able to offer. “

K-ICT Born2 Global Center is a research institute under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communication. It aims to enable innovative technology companies with promising technologies to advance into the global market, to find promising technology companies, to engage in global-oriented education and training, Sustainable professional consulting, and housing space. In particular, internal experts are first diagnosed with laws, patents, accounting, marketing, and investment attraction necessary for overseas advancement, and secondarily provide practical one-stop service linking with external civilian professional organizations.

Meanwhile, ‘CES’, the world’s largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition that can grasp the trend of the global consumer electronics industry at a glance. It is hosted by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January. A global news network that most recently reported the issues of CES, MWC and IFA, the world’s top three tech exhibitions over the last twelve years, has sent a special report team to CES this year to report major issues in the world market, I introduce to the world.

On the other hand, AVING NEWS, the media company that is most passionate about advertising Korean companies in the world, is planning to launch the CES 2019 start-up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT as a project to help domestic start-ups to advance into the global market. Considering the advantages of CES, which is not a traditional joint venture, it plans to expose promising start-ups to investors, businesses and media through a variety of programs including participation strategy consulting, public relations marketing, and networking parties. Particularly, on the third evening of the exhibition, the company plans to hold a ‘MIK NIGHT’ party, a business networking party, inviting investors and media that companies have met. MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT is jointly planned and operated by AVING NEWS and Global MICE Expert Group, GMEG.

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