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[CES 2019 Preview] Classum to showcase ‘CLASSUM,’ an interactive learning platform

Classum will exhibit Classum, an interactive learning platform, at CES 2019, the world’s largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, from January 8 (Tue) to January 11 (Fri).

Classum began with the question, ‘How can we improve learning efficiency more efficiently?’ As an interactive learning platform, The company was committed to making lecture communication easier, simpler and smarter for better education. Classum’s service breaks the barrier in teacher-student and student-student communication with its unique UI / UX based functions of chat UI and SNS.

In addition, through A.I. and Big Data Analysis technologies, it is possible to obtain general information of class and improve class by providing instructional improvement direction and class statistics to teachers.

The technology has UI / UX and features optimized for lecture communication. It has a simple but intuitive design that anyone can use easily, suggesting direction of class improvement, and allowing users to check class status. Classroom assistance services aim to enter the Americas and Europe markets, and LMS services to the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

On the other hand, Daejeon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation is carrying out educational programs on the fostering of venture enterprises in Daejeon that are small but strong. They are helping companies with various activities such as Dream Venture Star (DVS), economic cooperation industry development project, technology innovation type enterprise support project (open voucher) and actively making efforts to support CES 2019 participation. The following companies are participating in CES 2019 with support from the Daejeon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation. ▲ News Dog Ventures ▲ Classum ▲ Fairip. These companies will also participate in ‘MIK Night’ organized by AVING news on the 3rd day of the exhibition.

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