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[CES 2019] Good Tec Introduces Smart Guard Plug, an Automatic Power Interrupting Device to Prevent Power Loss or Conflagration

Good Tec has introduced a smart guard plug in ‘MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT & MIK NIGHT’ (BOOTH # 52843) of CES 2019 EUREKA PARK, the largest technology show in the world held in Las Vegas, USA for four days starting from January 8 (Tue).
Smart guard plug is a version of product with an automatic control function, which is an improved version of manually used product.
Since the existing model of the plug works according to a mobile app from the user, it causes difficulties in controlling the product when there is a disconnection during the use of the smartphone. In order to solve this problem, Good Tec has developed a smart guard plug for anyone to use electronic gadgets with ease.
This product operates without installing the application, it can be managed through Bluetooth without additional gears. Also, automatic power interruption through Bluetooth can prevent possible fire or power waste.
Good Tec will be upgrading the current version according to how it is used and will produce a smart guard plug that many people can access at the same time.

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