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[MIK 2019] NAM KYUNG Presents NK MBMS, an IT Battery Management System

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NAM KYUNG has introduced DBMS, which stands for Database Battery Management System, in front of 150 guests in the industry and foreign media at the event MIK Innovation Night 2019 on January 10, which was held during CES 2019, the world’s largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.

Unlike the existing battery model which only checks the in-flow of the voltage, this system examines the overall state of the battery like overcharging and overvoltage from a distant area. Its purpose is to prolong the use of battery through examination of state, maintenance, and management of the battery.

These features allow stable activation of the device and enhance efficiency for users. Seeing the battery performance dropping and not functioning to full life cycle, this system was developed to extend its life cycle time with efficient management of the batteries.

Myunghan Bae, the CEO, said, “The current battery management system is following BMS method, and this expensive system cannot check the electro-casting for battery residual value. For example, if the battery life expectancy is two years, the unnecessary increase of expense is made by exchanging the battery after two years,” and “The developed system of our company will be an innovative solution because it can monitor the overcharging, over voltage, and residue value of the battery anywhere anytime which reduces the cost for exchanging the battery as well as the risk of blackout.”

There are other detailed features of the system which are reduction of cost for battery management by applying battery sensor equipment, minimized cost for checking battery state at real-time and poorly manufactured battery, enhanced efficiency of automatic battery assessment and management, examination of maximum of eight batteries through one sensor, and reduction of cost for exchanging battery by extending battery life through checking the state of battery and proper management.

AVING NEWS and GMEG, a global company specializing in MICE have planned together and co-hosted MIK Innovation Hot Spot. MIK Innovation Hot Spot is made as the global project zone to give boost to startups in Korea to enter the global market. With the space provided for exhibition and pitching, it runs various programs and parties. They also hosted their first global network event MIK Innovation Night in Las Vegas.

2019 CES is an innovative place where the tech companies that will be leading fourth industrial revolution future are attending.

The following are the topics of CES: 3D Printing, Accessibility, Advertising, Marketing, Content and Entertainment, AR/VR and Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Audio and Video, Baby Tech, CES Sports Zone, Country Pavilions, Design & Source Showcase, Digital Money, Drones, Enterprise Solutions, Eureka Park, Family and Kids Tech, Fitness, Health and Wellness, High-Tech Retailing, Home Cinema, IoT Infrastructure, iProducts, Resilience, Self-Driving Technology, Sleep Tech, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Sports Tech, Tourism, Vehicle Technology, Wearables, Wireless Devices and Services.

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