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[CES 2019] Polaris3D Showcases Auto-navigation Indoor Robot with New Algorithm

Polaris3D has presented its auto-navigation indoor robot in ‘MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT & MIK NIGHT'(BOOTH # 52843) of CES 2019 EUREKA PARK held in Las Vegas, USA for four days starting from January 8 (Tue).

The auto-navigation solution Polaris3D is showcasing in CES 2019 was created by applying a new algorithm to its SLAM technology. The development didn’t stop there. Polaris3D successfully separated mapping and localization and also developed a better location determination technology.

It just takes a simple mounting to make this solution work. Even in areas where there are lots of areas that GPS cannot reach, this robot will operate in automatic navigation mode. The navigation is safe and accurate with its strong algorithm, and there is no need to install an extra equipment to make it work properly.

The solution made by Polarid3D is low in computational cost and lightweight that it can even be installed in drones. You can start operating it by installing a control software, which comes with the product.

Polaris3D is participating in the even with Kyungpook National University Smart Venture Campus, and its target companies are the ones that need auto-navigation robots for logistic purposes and safety inspection robots for indoor areas with extreme environmental conditions.

Polaris3D is planning to develop new auto-navigation robots with cooperation with other robot manufacturing companies. So far, it successfully developed high-precision solution made by using 3D LiDAR, but it is planning to further develop this solution by expanding it to the development of ANS+ and ANS++ for commercialization. Also, it will find out the needs of the customers on auto-navigation to make even more advanced algorithm needed for auto-navigation.

Kyungpook National University Smart Venture Campus is helping companies founded by young people with creative ideas into professional companies. It supports companies by hosting networking and promotion activities by inviting global investors and buyers, and participating in CES 2019 is one of its global export company fostering programs. The companies that are participating in CES 2019 with the support from Kyungpook National University Smart Venture Campus are ▲SmartreumBang-E ▲Polaris3D ▲Amo Lab and ▲Heaventree.

2019 CES is an innovative place where the tech companies that will be leading fourth industrial revolution future are attending.

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