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[MIK 2019] Robolink Introduces Coding Education Device ‘Codrone II’ and AI Car ‘Zümi’

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Robolink has presented CodroneII and AI car Zümi in front of 150 guests in the industry and foreign media at the event MIK Innovation Night 2019 on January 10, which was held during CES 2019, the world’s largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.

Robolink is a robot edutainment company founded in 2006. Robot technology, which is the core of the 4th industrial revolution, has been focusing its business capabilities on the development of HW and educational contents SW such as educational robots and drone kit for things such as coding and the like. Robolink’s product line offers a variety of robot education services that can be learned and coded, by all ages from infants to adults. Robolink has secured a variety of sales targets such as kindergartens, elementary, middle, high schools, universities, educational institutions, and general SW coding and learning centers.

The new Codrone II is a DIY learning drone that can be interlocked with block coding (scratch), Python, Arduino, and Raspberry Pie, and can be extended with various sensors. It can be used for learning of obstacle recognition and avoidance function, autonomous flight by coding, and learning for a cluster flight (1:N).

With the AI car Zümi, young students can learn how objects are recognized and how AI is being trained by using block-coding and cameras installed in cars.

An official from Robolink said, “In the case of Zümi, we have entered the CES 2019 new product contest and have received the best innovation award in robotics and drones,” and “We are planning to host a global-scale Codrone robot competition and expand our online and offline distribution channels.”

AVING NEWS and GMEG, a global company specializing in MICE have planned together and co-hosted MIK Innovation Hot Spot. MIK Innovation Hot Spot is made as the global project zone to give boost to startups in Korea to enter the global market. With the space provided for exhibition and pitching, it runs various programs and parties. They also hosted their first global network event MIK Innovation Night in Las Vegas.

2019 CES is an innovative place where the tech companies that will be leading fourth industrial revolution future are attending.

The following are the topics of CES: 3D Printing, Accessibility, Advertising, Marketing, Content and Entertainment, AR/VR and Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Audio and Video, Baby Tech, CES Sports Zone, Country Pavilions, Design & Source Showcase, Digital Money, Drones, Enterprise Solutions, Eureka Park, Family and Kids Tech, Fitness, Health and Wellness, High-Tech Retailing, Home Cinema, IoT Infrastructure, iProducts, Resilience, Self-Driving Technology, Sleep Tech, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Sports Tech, Tourism, Vehicle Technology, Wearables, Wireless Devices and Services.

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