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[Ambiente 2019 Video] Art-oriented company Toysvill Introduces 3D Canva Platform Toy

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Toysvill will introduce its 3D canvas Platform Toy at the Frankfurt consumer product show AMBIENTE 2019, which will be held Feb. 8-12.

Toysvill breaks the fixed concept that drawing should be made on flat canvas. By using a 3D canvas Platform Toy, Toysvill built an online and offline village where anyone can create creative artwork. As a 3-dimensional canvas product, Platform Toy allows people to create their own artwork through direct touch which also enables the product to take a part as a mental health care program, education, culture, and artistic tools.

The following are the main characteristics of Platform Toy: △ Smooth texture of outer layer made of natural ingredient from oyster shell △ Safety owing to non-toxic eco-friendly material (KC certified) △ A wide variety of coloring materials including oil-color, water-color, and dry-color △ Awarded as ‘Best New Products for 2017 Settlement’ by HANKOOKILBO acknowledging the various use and quality of the product

Woo Ha Young, CEO of Toysvill who is taking part of expanding the public interest towards art and helping in curing mental health of people in modern society, said, “I am planning to expand the market share through targeting the U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries,” and added, “Recently, Platform Toy is being sold in US Amazon.” Woo has revealed the plans of expanding market place to Amazon in the U.K. and Germany as well.  

(In photo: CEO Woo Ha Young)

AMBIENTE is a global consumer show held in Frankfurt every year, leading the global consumer market with the exhibition of a wide array of products and technologies. It has been praised for its outstanding presentation of the latest trends in consumer products. In this year’s show, exciting programs like shows, lectures, awards, and demos are waiting for people to enjoy, and the industries’ anticipation for active business network is expected to be fulfilled.

The main categories for the exhibited products are as follow: △ Household goods (DINING: kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, household appliances, tables) △ Gifts (GIVING: children’s products, crafts, paintings, sculptures, jewelry) △ Living interior products (LIVING: interior lighting, home textile, furniture, home accessories, seasonal ornaments)

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