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Korean Startups Exhibit at Ambiente 2019, Europe’s Largest Consumer Goods Show

Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development exhibited 10 outstanding SMEs in Korea in K-Startup Pavilion set up at Ambiente 2019.

AMBIENTE is leading the global consumer market with the exhibition of a wide array of products and technologies. It has been praised for its outstanding presentation of the latest trends in consumer products. In this year’s show, exciting programs like shows, lectures, awards, and demos are waiting for people to enjoy, and the industries’ anticipation for active business network is expected to be fulfilled.

Ambiente is being held every year, displaying various household items ranging from interior design, gifts, dishes and tableware. Companies will be launching innovative products, and people in the industry will actively engage in business networking.

During the show, many business actions are expected to take place at K-Startup Pavilion. Gi-hwan Kim from Startup Acceleration Team of Incheon Business Information Technopark, the host of K-Startup Pavilion, said, “We are so excited to see that our network making and promotional marketing strategies worked, and buyers are already taking interest in us on the first day.”

Networking party will take place at K-STARTUP PAVILION on Feb. 11 from 4 pm.

The 10 companies that will be exhibiting at K-Startup Pavilion are as follows: △Altoran Lab △Clair △White.Cotton △MO Green △Toysvill △ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO △Madambee △Kesylang △JERAGENE KOREA △ONEUMBRELLA

Altoran Lab

Altoran Lab, as a specialized company for technology commercialization, was established in 2012. Aiming for continuous technology development and commercialization, it has been producing drinks for liver enhancement, anti-oxidant containing superfood based healthy drink, and smart LED alarm that can detect air pollution.

The following are the main characteristics of Honey-Blower: △ Honeycomb shaped model △ TiO2 air sterilization that does not require a change of filter △UV sterilizing zone that sterilizes cellphone and baby goods △ Provision of special usage by disassembling and assembling the product either group package or mono


Clair air cleaner boasts attractive and sophisticated design, perfect for private spaces to the consumers. Blending with the surroundings, it can be used anywhere, at work, in bedrooms, and even in kid’s rooms. E2F filter developed with the company’s key technology can capture particles as small as 0.1 micrometers, and with this technology, the company has earned a patent from Europe.

Its major features are as follows: △ Electrostatic E2F filter that can capture ultra-small dust △ Better performance than regular HEPA filters (dust removal rate of E2F filter is 0.3micron) △ Fanless air cleaner that provides quiet and efficient cleaning of air 


White.Cotton, an art-tech startup company, is self-manufacturing various art props that allows art in daily life. It has its own unique features that only the products from White.Cotton can have at an affordable price.

The product White.Cotton is introducing in AMBIENTE 2019 is Flower LED light. It can be turned off and on easily, and it is easy to use with timer function. With fragrance and soft light, this product will provide beautiful ambience to the space, and is great as a gift.

MO Green

MO Green is a manufacturer specializing in LED plant cultivator made by integrating LED light source and plant cultivating technology. It holds patents in greenhouse environment control system and nutriculture technology, and the company is developing products with these technologies.

The key features of Parpot, that will be exhibited in AMBIENT 2019, are as follows. △ Reproduction of light with similar wavelength as sunlight, required for plant photosynthesis △ Water supply system with osmotic effect between soil layer and water tank △ Convenient irrigation management with 1.8 liters water tank △ Plant cultivated in all seasons △ LED light changes color to white, yellow (mood light), and plant growing light. △ Variety of plants can be planted because it uses soil cultivation method instead of hydroponic cultivation method


Toysvill breaks the fixed concept that drawing should be made on flat canvas. By using a 3D canvas Platform Toy, Toysvill built an online and offline village where anyone can create creative artwork. As a 3-dimensional canvas product, Platform Toy allows people to create their own artwork through direct touch which also enables the product to take a part as a mental health care program, education, culture, and artistic tools.

The following are the main characteristics of Platform Toy: △ Smooth texture of outer layer made of natural ingredient from oyster shell △ Safety owing to non-toxic eco-friendly material (KC certified) △ A wide variety of coloring materials including oil-color, water-color, and dry-color △ Awarded as ‘Best New Products for 2017 Settlement’ by HANKOOKILBO acknowledging the various use and quality of the product  


ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO, a professional design company, is making a variety of daily props based on its motif from nature. Convenience, the sensibility of nature, and fun factors are the basis of the product of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO.

Suel Gi Lee, CEO of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO, said “The word ’ZEUP’ used in company name stands for concentrated juice,” and added, “I would like to step forward to customers with sincerity like 100% strong juice extract.” Around 20 products of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO have been made since 2011 until now. POOLEAF, leaf-shaped pen, and dragonfly-shaped magnet are shown in AMBIENTE 2019.


Eco-friendly broom by Madambee has the following characteristics: △ Portability through lightweight and folding structure of broom △ Easy storage with efficient folding structure and protection of the brush which prevent the brush from bending △ Adjustability by extending and narrowing down the brush to fit any area △ Reusability by separating the brush from the stick

Madambee, founded in 2013, has experienced in exporting its products to the U.S. twice starting from 2017. Currently, Madambee is advertising and marketing its product by attending shows and INDIGOGO CROWDFUNDING.


Kesylang is a brand that makes woman’s handmade bags embodying Korean traditional patterns and decorations showing a variety of products such as a leather bag, clutches, pouch, and other fashion accessories to customers. Currently, the products are being distributed in Lotte Mall, Shinsegae Duty Free, and design select shop attracting a lot of attention from women consumers in various age groups from the 20s to 50s.

There are five major characteristics of Kesylang bags: △Combination of handmade leather product, Korean traditional design, and traditional knot pattern △Combination of leather and silk at good price △Various design proposed through collaboration with professional of traditional knotting design every season △Custom-made according to customers’ request or desired brand △ Best quality of silk and leather combination


The main feature of PIVOTT is that it is equipped with stretching and massaging features. PIVOTT is a non-electrical massage chair that puts off the burden of expense and size and enhances efficiency. PIVOTT, massaging the muscles of arm, shoulder, and chest, increases blood flow, and it can be used anywhere without intervention. PIVOTT has been awarded as Best Inventor by WIPO, a special sector of UN which has the jurisdiction over international invention patency. It also has won a golden prize in the Korea Invention Promotion Association.


Portable toilet cover is made of thin and light material which allows the user to put it inside a bag. The biggest advantage is that it can be used hygienically.

The company said, “Through AMBIENTE 2019, we would like to talk to buyers from the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia,” and added, “We will advance in expanding domestic market share through attending various international exhibitions.”

The main categories for the exhibited products are as follow: △ Household goods (DINING: kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, household appliances, tables) △ Gifts (GIVING: children’s products, crafts, paintings, sculptures, jewelry) △ Living interior products (LIVING: interior lighting, home textile, furniture, home accessories, seasonal ornaments)

On Feb 11, from 4-7 pm, there will be a network party where the visitors will have the chance to freely look at the products and talk about at 
Messe Hall 9.2, Stand # is H36. An official from Incheon Business Information Technopark said, “We are planning to help the companies find the right potential overseas partners with our distinguished program. We are expecting that the companies will be able to find various sales channels and opportunities to enter the global market.”

To pre-register to attend the invitational party for the buyers, investors, and media on Feb. 11, please click the following link.

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