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SBC Youth Entrepreneurship School to Exhibit at the World’s Largest ICT Show MWC 2019

Small and Medium Business Corporation (SBC) Youth Entrepreneurship School will be attending MWC 2019 (Mobile World Congress 2019), the world’s largest ICT show in Barcelona that run Feb. 25-28, to run a joint hall with 9 students and graduates.

With the mission to foster young CEOs by teaching them basic skills and inspiring them with challenging spirit and creativity, SBC Youth Entrepreneurship School opened in Ansan in 2011. It runs a youth startup support program called “Startup Success Package,” and to help the students and graduates find new and overseas sales channels, Youth Entrepreneurship School has opened a joint hall for exhibition. Joint hall has been running in MWC for three consecutive years since 2017.

In this year’s show, nine companies run by the graduates and students of Youth Entrepreneurship School will be attending to show their products. The nine companies are as follows: ▲Smart Wellness ▲RGB Lab ▲Asvals ▲VOIXATCH ▲UFirst ▲SLM ▲Archidraw ▲Artda ▲PurrSongWriter

Smart Wellness has attended the show for three consecutive years. This year, it is exhibiting its smart toy “Cubroid,” made by the combination of coding and AI. Users can program Cubroid on their own and operate it, and it can be wirelessly controlled by smartphones.

With the growing interest in drones, companies with drone will also be exhibited during the show. RGB Lab will introduce its LTE network-based autonomous driving drones. In its drone, one of the key parts of drones is combined in the mainboard. And when motor, battery, and propeller are connected to the board, the drone is made. RGB Lab’s drone solution consists of the universal mainboard, on-ground control program, and LTE network control. Asvals will showcase the solution of which the small-sized drone and GIS technology are integrated to collect the geographical information on the facilities and structures, and the facilities can be managed this way.

Unique wearable devices will also be exhibited. VOIXATCH will exhibit its one-unit earset smartwatch that can be separated in the ring bezel part of the smartwatch, enabling the earset to be used alone. By using ring bezels, it solves the problem of discomfort in receiving calls from smartwatches. UFirst will exhibit its neckband hearing set that can notify the direction of high-pitch sound by vibration for hearing-impaired people. Even for people who have completely lost their hearing, the vibration feedback notifies them the direction of the sound.

Some companies have attended the show for two consecutive years. SLM will introduce its bi-directional laser measurement device, unlike other laser devices that can only measure in one direction. It not only converts the distance units, but can also convert the numbers into volume. Archidraw will be exhibiting its 3D space scanner. Integrated with smartphones, it can scan the space inside the room and make blueprints, and users can place virtual furniture, wallpapers, and floor in their taste.

Artda has previously exhibited in MWC in 2017, and is exhibiting this year through Youth Entrepreneurship School. It will be showing its online artwork trading platform. This platform connects the artists and the customers so that they can trade directly, and artworks can be borrowed and artworks can enter crowdfunding with this platform as well. With the growing number of pet lovers, PurrSongWriter, a first-time attendee to MWC, will be showcasing its smart pet toilet. When the pet finishes excretion, the excretion will automatically be disposed by sand. Also, with its excretion activity monitoring app, the health of the animal and device can be managed.

SBC Youth Entrepreneurship School continuously introduces Korea’s competent startups by encouraging startup companies to participate in the exhibition activities. Its main mission is to help the companies find new and overseas sales channels. Eun-kwang Kim, the organizer of MWC 2019 Youth Entrepreneurship School joint hall, said, “By running the joint hall, we are looking to promote the performance of the outstanding startups in Korea,” and, “For the young entrepreneurs who have both the technical skills and creativity, we are looking to find various ways to help them with SBC.”

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