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Preview in Daegu 2019 soon to open in EXCO with the hope to become a global business venue

Preview in Daegu (PID) 2019 begins on Mar. 6 at Daegu EXCO

With 315 companies from 13 countries attending, Daegu International Textile Fair/Preview in Daegu 2019 begins its big run for three days from Mar. 6.

On its 18th session, PID organized by Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industries Association will have 315 domestic and overseas companies and around 200 foreign buyers from 22 countries. Forty-four companies from China and 49 companies from India have organized their own national halls, and with a total of 118 companies from 12 countries including Taiwan and Japan, this year’s show will encompass the largest number of attendance by overseas companies, strengthening its position as an international fair.

Daegu Fashion Fair will be held concurrently (at EXCO Hall 3, 1st floor/Room 210, 3rd floor), displaying textile, fashion, and fabric products for home represented by 525 domestic and overseas companies. The industry is excited to see the synergy created by integrating the textile and fashion industries, suggesting a new global marketing model in the global export business.

Eui-yeol Lee, the head of the organizing committee of Daegu International Textile Fair, said “As the domestic industrial labor market environment is changing and the global market economy is slowing down, we are going to use this opportunity to make our exhibition global in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk area with outstanding products that are focused on the consumers and the export market and higher business reliability to the overseas buyers from the new market and buyers of Korean brands.”

Gearing itself with major domestic companies including Hyosung, Youngone Corporation, Daegu Fiber Center (DMC, KTC), local major companies 118 companies from 12 countries including China, India, Taiwan, Japan, US, UAE, France, and Vietnam, and overseas buyers from 22 countries, finding of new export channels and consultation results greatly expected

The concept presented by this year’s show is “The Emergence of a New Core/NEXT CORE,” meaning that it is time for the industry to focus on new core and come up with active countermeasures to adapt to the new age now that the industry is facing revolutionary changes going towards the next decade 2020, and the conventional order and boundaries are disappearing due to the emergence of AI.

From Korea, major companies like Hyosung and Youngone Corporation, Duckwoo Corporation, and One Chang Trading, and associations like Korea Textile Center (KTC), Daegu Textile Marketing Center (DMC), and Gyeonggi Textile Center (GTC) that are related to various textile production are participating. From overseas, Indian Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council and Indian Wool & Wool Textile Processing Export Promotion Council have joined and set up the India National Exhibition Hall, and China and Taiwan have also set up their national halls. Other countries including Austria (Lenzing), USA (DuPont), France, Vietnam, and Japan are seeking active consultation to enter the Korean textile and fashion market and expand their businesses.

Following the rapidly changing trends, newly developed materials and key products made with living-focused functional materials in sports/outdoor and healthcare/medical fields leading the global textile market, workwear (uniform for policemen, military officers, and firefighters) and special uniform made of the newest high-tech advanced materials, and eco-friendly textile companies with environment and future in mind are also exhibiting their latest developed materials and flagship products with creative ideas and innovative technologies. Compound new materials from the companies participating in R&D projects centering around Korea Textile Development Institute and Dyetec Institute will be submitted, and industrial material companies from the Busan and Gyeongnam area organized by Busan Future Textile Material Development Council will be showcasing various industrial fibers. In addition, various items such as knit, textile design, home beddings, parts, wearables, IT, and DTP will be showcased.

Major fashion clothing brands LANDI, S.S VIVIAN, PINK MARY, and AESOMINO from major cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen and textile part sourcing managers from Japan’s major textile trading corporations ITOCHU and MITSUBISHI have agreed to participate. Delegates from BELLA MODA, HNOSS, and SENSORIAL that have high influence in VINATEX of Vietnam are will also be conducting the consultation.

In addition, major Middle Eastern buyers KOTON, VOLTEX, and KOMAL TRADING from Turkey, Kuwait, and Dubai will be coming to Korea to see their partners directly. Also, new Asian and European buyers from Thailand, Malaysia, Poland, Denmark, and Russia and major buyers from 22 countries will be participating.

From Korea, major domestic buyers of fashion and sports brands like Shinsung Tongsang, LF, K2 Korea, Shinwon, Eland Group, and Hyungji Fashion, as well as Dongdaemun Shopping Mall and other domestic sales businesses, will be coming in for active consultation with the exhibitors.

A wide spectrum of special halls and additional events including Small Dongdaemun, FUTURE TEX G4.0 Platform, textile-related seminars, and fashion shows provides fun and excitement to the visitors.

Corresponding to the 4th industrial generation, the show will be proposing a new marketing platform created by the collaboration and connection in material, design, OEM/sewing, and marketing (on-offline) of both within and outside the industry.

Special halls “Small Dongdaemun” and “FUTURE TEX G4.0 Platform” will be exhibiting the integration of manufacturing, distribution, and design contents made by bringing in the new technologies and system. With the integration and the strong network of innovative textile, IT, pattern, sewing, wearable technology, and fashion lifestyle, the show is proposing the platform to stimulate the development of new business for the expansion of the distribution network in the global market.

In addition, Textile + Fashion Collaboration 2019, the collaboration fashion show prepared by local material companies and designers, and Global Textile and Fashion Vision Forum (TEXFO) 2019 will be held concurrently with The Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers Symposium. Also, a wide array of events including 2020 S/S trend seminar, Lenzing Korea Technology Information Seminar, textile experience hall, and fashion show will be held for three days.

This year, PID has actively promoted this event through social media network including Facebook, Instagram, and other online communities, and has been letting the users know about the exhibitors and major products. This has increased pre-registration of domestic visitors by 50% compared to the previous year.

In particular, the PID Secretariat is also running a promotional event to give out prizes to 300 first-come-first-served visitors who have visited through the SNS event (follow PID Instagram or Facebook). As a result, experts, students, and the general public are expected to take more interest in the textile fashion industry.

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