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Korea’s No.1 CryoTherapy Retailer Mgenplus

Mgenplus Co., LTD. an industry-leading biotechnology company based in Seoul, Korea is holding a showcase of its brand new product-line at the ‘2019 KIMES (Mar 14 – Mar 17)’, Korea’s largest medical equipment trade fair. Along with all the world-famous healthcare manufacturer’s, Mgenplus will be greeting its guests at the premium E hall on the 3rd floor of COEX.

 Designed by a well-recognized brand in the Healthcare industry, the new product is equipped with only the best and beneficial features to its users. Its ergonomic and compact design is accompanied by its unmatchable durability that can withstand 24-hour consecutive performance.

The machine utilizes a very basic functionality of human body, autonomic survival measure of the body called Homeostasis. By exposing the user for a short period of time to an extremely low temperature (-140℃), the body to hikes up its metabolism in order to maintain normal body temperature. Through this process, studies have shown that the skin generates many naturally occurring chemicals to rejuvenate the skin and delay the aging process of the skin, not to mention the immense amount of calorie it burns that ultimately allows the user to lose weight when used on a regular basis.

 With its reliable financial background and expertise in biotechnology, MgenPlus offers its visitor’s this one of a kind opportunity to participate a trial of this new machine free of charge as well as consult franchise opportunities on the spot.

 As the only KOSDAQ listed company in Korea selling safe and reliable Cryo Therapy products, do not miss this rare chance to not only try out the Cryotherapy machine free of charge but also to part take in this lucrative business item before it’s too late.

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