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Remed Stabilizing Brain and Alleviating Pain Attends KIMES

Remed shows hard palate stimulator in COEX from Mar 14 to 17

Electromagnetic field stimulation technology, high-strength razor technology, and external shock wave are three technologies being the basis of pain treatment device which is developed by the leading company. It is Remed established in 2003, which has taken its only path towards pain treatment.

Booth of Remed, a pain treatment device company, in COEX KIMES.

Remed introduced different types of the pain treatment device of Salus at the 35th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2019) that runs Mar. 14-17 in COEX.

Products of Salus, which utilizes external shock wave treatment effect that alleviates pain by stimulating the nerve fiber of the patients increasing pain threshold, are Salus FSWT, Salus FSWT Duet, and Salut HF Duet.

Hard palate stimulator affecting the brain through the magnetic field. The picture below is the rehearsal of the stimulator in the exhibition..

Another product, which Remed emphasizes, is hard palate stimulator, a device that stabilizes the brain or activates it to treat the patient’s symptoms through a magnetic field. This product is provided to large domestic hospitals because it has various uses in treatment. It is used to treat depression and anxiety disorder in mental health department; it is used for headache, sleep disorder, and dementia in neurology department; It is also used to treat tinnitus in ENT department.

The hard palate stimulator, in which low-frequency wave allows stabilization of the brain and activation of the brain by a high-frequency wave, is a product free from the risk of implanting a chip for treatment. Especially, this product is highly utilized because it uses MRI which has a navigation function to target the site of pain generation.

Booth of Remed highlighted with decoration based on the principle of pain relief device.

According to the authority of Remed who attended KIMES 2019, “Remed is gaining compliments because of devices being exported to about 30 countries abroad, and developed with an advantage of harmlessness to the body, safety, prolonged effect of pain inhibition through deep stimulation, and non-invasive treatment that does not require surgical procedure.”

KIMES is Korea’s largest medical equipment and hospital facility show that has been steadily growing since the first show in 1980 with the development of Korean medical industry. Currently, Korea’s medical industry has transformed into a technology-intensive, high-tech industry with medical information system, ultrasound scanners, medical imaging equipment, robotic medical care, AI, and rehabilitation medicine. KIMES has become a world-class medical show as it contributed to the advancement of Korean medical industry. The exhibitors will showcase new technologies and new products in the medical industry like advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems integrated with IT technology, and automobile industry for quick patient transportation.

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(Video: KIMES 2019 site sketch)

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