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[VIDEO] Plastic, Adding Value to the Future!25th Korea International Plastics ・ Rubber Show

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The 25th Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show has opened starting today (Tues) and will stay open for 5 days until the 16 th (Sat) at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Goyang.

First opening in 1981, this exhibition is celebrating its 25 th iteration, and focusing on the categories of materials and composite materials, the exhibition has opened simultaneously with M-KOPLAS 2019, which is a newly opening material focused exhibition.

M-KOPLAS, which is newly opening with the exhibition, is expanding on its plastic/ rubber materials and composite materials which had received the most attention from domestic and foreign visitors in the Korea International Plastics ・ Rubber Show.

Through this, M-KOPLAS 2019 and KOPLAS 2019, which is having its 25 th iteration, had participation from a record high 572 companies from 26 nations, with INTERMOLD KOREA and HARFKO also in KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 and 2, combining for coverage over 76,000m² with participation from 1,280 companies in 4,300 booths, providing additional sights to see.

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