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The 25th KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS ends in success

From the eco-friendly materials to the advanced composite materials and even the ultra-precision processing equipment, the latest equipment from many outstanding plastics and rubber industry from home and abroad were gathered in one place. Sponsored by related organizations including Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and KFPIC, Korea E&EX and Korea Plastics Processing Machine Industry Cooperative hosted KOPLAS 2019 (25th Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show) that ran Mar. 12-16 at KINTEX 1. It had ended with success with numerous performances in various areas.

The opening ceremony of KOPLAS conjoined by INTERMOLD KOREA was attended by many honored guests, including Jeong-yeol Yu (Office Head of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), Seung-won Suh (Vice Chairman of Korea Federation of SMEs), and Seong-il Lee (Director of KITECH). From the exhibitors, Chung-han Kim (Chairman of Korea E&EX), Young-su Han (Chairman of Korea Plastics Processing Machine Industry Cooperative), Sun-hwang Park (Chairman of KODMIC, the organizer of INTERMOLD KOREA), Young-du Kwon (Chairman of KOMMA), and Dong-seop Kim (Honorable Chairman of KODMIC) attended. From the companies, Ik-hwan Kim (CEO of Woojin Plaimm), Byeong-gu Kim (CEO of Dongshin Hydraulics), Eun-kyung Lee (CEO of Il Kwang Polymer), Bon-gyu Koo (Executive Director of LS Mtron), Hak-kwon Kim (Chairman of Jaeyoung Solutec), Young-cheol Kwon (Chairman of Hwacheon Technology), and Jae-seop (CEO of Doosan Machine Tools).

With the first show starting in 1981 and celebrating its 25th year this year, the main exhibition items in KOPLAS 2019 are materials and composite materials. Also, M-KOPLAS 2019, the show dedicated to plastic and rubber materials and composite materials, was organized and newly held this year.
The materials that received the most attention from the domestic and overseas visitors in KOPLAS were recategorized by plastic and rubber materials and composite materials, and this was made into a new show M-KOPLAS. In this year’s KOPLAS with the newly showcased M-KOPLAS, a total of 572 companies from 26 countries have exhibited, having the most countries attending since the show began. Also with the concurrently held INTERMOLD KOREA and HARFKO, the show boasted large exhibition space by using both KINTEX 1 and 2 as the exhibition halls, taking 4,300 booths exhibited by 1,280 companies in 76,000㎡ space.

Through the mutual exchange among the exhibitions of plastic, mold, and air-conditioning equipment, it brought the opportunity to open a new venue of industrial marketing with the goal of creating new markets and increasing exports. Visitors had the opportunity to experience Korea’s plastic and rubber industry as well as materials, mold, and air-conditioning equipment industry in one place.

The use of plastics and rubber in Korea’s leading industries like semiconductors, automobile parts, mobile phones, computers, and medical equipment has increased significantly, bringing in more and more participation from the unmanned automation of the processing equipment for mass production of products and the processing equipment that are filled with the technologies ultra-high precision, ultra-fast, and super large molding machines. Automation facilities and relevant parts following the product processing and test measurement devices and related services were also displayed.

This year’s KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS 2019 displayed a wide spectrum from the raw material of plastic, processing machinery, related equipment units, automation solutions, printing, packaging to semi-finished and finished products. In addition, smart factory system focusing on the automation system and efficiency by using big data and ultra-precision, ultra-large, and eco-friendly products were showcased to the domestic and overseas plastic and rubber industries and buyers.

Major exhibited items were as follows: Raw material from Il Kwang Polymer, Kraiburg, Doil Ecotec, and GCC; injection molding machine made in Korea from Woojin Plaimm, LS Mtron, and Dongshin Hydraulics; imported injection molding from Engel Machinery Korea, Sumitomo, Haitian, Cosmos, JSK UWA, and Yizumi; and PLM; extruder from SM Plate; rubber-related machinery from Shinchang Precision and Autox, rationalization device from Hanyoung Nux, Yuil System, HY Robotics, HNP Interplastic, Yushin, and Hanse, test and measurement equipment from AB Nexo, AFT, MEK, and With Lab; mold-related equipment from MICO Myungjin and Hanil Hightech; packaging and printing related equipment from Yeongil

During the exhibition period, KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS 2019 held export consultation on Mar. 13-14 by inviting overseas buyers from Russia (43 companies), Turkey (25 companies), and India (18 companies) with the anticipation for finding new global sales channels. Also, to actively attract overseas buyers, the exhibitors provided room and board during their visits, and free interpretation service was provided for better communication. Under this year’s theme “Future Plastic Change_meet the future plastic changes,” plastic seminar for future strategy was held on Mar 13-15. There were also innovative technology seminars with topics like LSR, Industry 4.0, and medical extrusion technology, providing the opportunities to get to know the latest trends in the related industries.

KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS 2019 have actively promoted the exhibiting companies by listing information like the show overview, seminar schedule, booth layout, the exhibiting companies and their products in the website ( The websites of the exhibiting companies have been connected, so more information about the companies can easily be accessed.

hrough KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS 2019, the Korean plastics industry has identified the technological development trends of the advanced plastics industry and anticipates for the improvement in quality matching the quantitative expansion. By having the chance to compare products with many foreign-made products, Korean companies will be encouraged to develop new technologies and also discover the strengths of Korean products, substantially contributing to having import substitution effects as well as export growth.

KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS to be held next year in 2021 will be anticipating to have bigger participation from the domestic and overseas companies and to receive more attention from the world.

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