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[Ambiente 2019] Interview with Ambiente Director Thomas Kastl

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AMBIENTE, the International Consumer Goods Fair widely known as the center of the world consumer goods industry was held at Messa Frankfurt, Germany, on the 5th of last month.

AMBIENTE is leading the world’s consumer goods market along with the Maison et Objet in France and Milano Design Week in Italy, and it is reviewed as being able to grasp the latest trends at a glance.

We met Thomas Kastl, the Director of Dining in AMBIENTE, and listened to major issues in AMBIENTE in 2019.

Ambiente 2019/Pietro Sutera
Cafe Scent of India/Thomas Fedra
Future is Handmade/Jean-Luc Valetin
Point of Experience/Pietro Sutera
ASA/Petra Welzel
Pietro Sedda/Petra Welzel
German Design Award/Pietro Sutera
Thomas Kastl, Director Ambiente Dining
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