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2019 Green Energy Expo Opens in Daegu EXCO

With the emphasis of energy source shifting towards PV (photovoltaic) and renewable energy followed by the expansion of climate change and renewable energy, the development of innovative products and technology are progressing quickly. The 2019 International Green Energy Expo, the venue to see such technology and products at a glance, opened today (April 5) at Daegu EXCO.

The 2019 International Green Energy Expo, which will serve as a business marketing platform for renewable energy companies by connecting products and technology exhibitions and information exchanges with conferences and seminars, will present the future and new value of PV and renewable energy, and the competition among countries, companies, and items is to take place.

International Green Energy Expo, the PV marketing platform
The International Green Energy Expo, which celebrates its 16th anniversary this year, has been steadily growing since it was first held in 2004 and has become a major exhibition of renewable energy representing Korea. The 2019 International Green Energy Expo is made up of three specialized exhibitions: PV Korea 2019, ESS Korea 2019 (Korea’s only renewable energy-ESS show), and Renewables Korea 2019, the nation’s largest renewable energy exhibition. participated by 300 companies from 27 countries.

Especially, this exhibition is receiving great attention from the domestic and overseas buyers in renewable energy industry for being able to compare from PV storage products like PV cell, PV module, PV inverter, PV system, energy storage, and smart grid to construction, finance, and project financing in one place.

Public’s needs for eco-friendly energy expands to PV generation
In the era of the invasion by “ultra” fine dust, the public consensus is moving towards expanding renewable energy like PV and wind power to reduce fine dust and find a sustainable energy source. In addition, being aware of climate change, the world is working hard in the development and application of eco-friendly products and technologies to take over the market.

Particularly, as the interest in high-efficiency energy of the general public is soaring recently, the companies participating in the 2019 International Green Energy Expo exhibited PV products for home and light use to meet the demand, on top of large-scale PV and related technologies for industrial and commercial use.

Top 10 global PV companies attended
As the government is promoting energy conversion policy, the size of renewable energy including PV power is growing, and Korea is being spotlighted as the market of opportunity for global PV companies. In this exhibition, global top PV companies have participated, showing the trend moving towards PV.

In the field of solar cells and modules, numerous global companies like Hanwha Q Cells, Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, Shinsung E&G, JA Solar, LONGi Solar, Yingli Green Energy, Talesun Solar, Triathan Solar, Suntech Power, and AIKO Solar are participating.

In the inverter and energy storage sector, domestic companies like Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, OCI Power, Hanwha Q Cell, Dasstech, Razzler, Hephzibah, and Dong Yang E&P as well as foreign companies like Huawei, Sungrow, SMA, ABB, SI-NENG, Growatt, GoodWe and Solis will showcase their specialized products and technologies. Hyundai Aluminum, I-Solar, and Clenergy in the PV structure installation sector and Scotra, Nemo ENG, and Sungrow in floating PV sector are also participating.

Companies leading the market with innovative technology competitiveness
Companies with outstanding technology are introducing the newest products at the show: Hanwha Q Cell (, global top PV company with no. 1 market share; Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy (, the renewable energy subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group manufacturing and supplying PV module inverter, ESS/MPS, EPC, and operation and management; OCI Power (, a PV power generation business subsidiary of global chemical company OCI to introduce PV power generation solution such as EPC, O&M, financing, inverter, and PCS; Shinsung E&G (, first-gen PV company that will showcase PowerXT boasting the world’s highest output (430W) and PowerVision, a BIPV exclusive PV module; AIKO Solar (, China’s solar cell and PV specialist that will introduce cell products based on Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology, a technology that enables high-efficiency and high-output solar cells to be produced; Huawei (, a leading global solar inverter company that will introduce Smart PV solutions to enable digitalization and Smart PV monitoring systems to implement the latest technology

Hot place for sharing the latest information on renewable energy
To share the future energy trend and seek the direction for development, the Green Energy Expo will be hosting the 2019 International Green Energy Conference, which will be held on April 3, the first day of the show. The conference will cover subjects like PV, hydrogen fuel cell, and energy storage sessions. In line with RE 3020 policy, agricultural PV and floating PV session co-hosted by Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association will have 20 experts from seven countries as the speakers, and demo of agricultural PV in Germany and Japan will be shown to present the direction PV should head to.

The 2019 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Forum to be held on April 4 will share the road map and distribution status of the hydrogen industry in Korea and the energy storage session is expected to be the venue to provide an opportunity to get the latest information on ESS stability and the next generation secondary battery utilization plan.

Various attraction to provide visitors lots of things to see
In addition, the International Green Energy Expo will hold a variety of other events during the exhibition period to provide visitors with a plethora of sightseeing information and exchange information.

Export consultation with the most number of foreign buyers (KOTRA)
The Green Energy Expo, which has hosted the largest annual renewable energy export trade fair with KOTRA every year, will hold export consultation with more than 100 companies, mainly in countries with high purchasing power like the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and the Middle East that have high buying power. On April 3, one-on-one conferences for foreign buyers will be held at the booths of participating companies, anticipating for directly contributing to profit generation and market development of participating companies. Especially, many buyers including Salam Petroleum of Qatar will be visiting to win a 500MW PV power generation project.

PV Market Insight PVMI 2019 + GGEITC
On April 3-4, PV Market Insight (PVMI) 2019 + GGEITC (Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Collaboration) co-hosted by Korea Photovoltaic Society, Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), and EXCO will be held. It is the most prestigious international conference on the domestic and overseas PV market, industry, technology trends, and policy with agricultural and floating PV as this year’s themes. As a key speaker, SolarEdge Technologies, which acquired Korea’s ESS battery maker Kogam in October last year, is the world’s No. 1 domestic solar PV inverter for home and remote monitoring system provider listed in NASDAQ. It is planning to announce the floating PV power efficiency maximization solution on April 3. Stephan Schindele, senior researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System in Germany, will present global trends and prospects for the agricultural world market. In addition to this, ▲ Global solar market trend (The Export-Import Bank of Korea) ▲ Korea market and policy (Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association) ▲ Global photovoltaic technology (Hanwha Q Cell) ▲ Current status of rural PV and plan (Korea Energy Agency) ▲ Implementation cases (Korea South-East Power, Paru, Solar Farm, Fukushima Building in Japan, etc.) will share newest information and implementation cases of utilizing solar energy.

Conference for showing the current status of secondary cell development, acquiring ESS safety, and how to use them
The conference to exchange information on the current status of secondary cell development, acquiring ESS safety, and how to use them will be held in the conference room on the third floor of EXCO on April 4. The topics to be discussed are as follows: ▲ ESS Overseas Technology Regulations and Demonstration Status ▲ Major causes of fire and safety improvement plan for ESS batteries ▲ Technology trend and commercialization of solid state batteries to prevent overheating of lithium secondary battery ▲ Development of ESS and EV battery pack and optimal BMS design technology ▲ Development process and commercialization for solid electrolyte for solid state batteries ▲ Development and commercialization of vanadium redox flow cell (VRFB) for ESS ▲ Trend and prospect of high density lithium metal-air battery development for application in EV

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forum for Korea to advance to hydrogen economic society
The 2019 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Forum co-hosted by Korea Hydrogen & New Energy Society (President Joong Hee Hee) and EXCO will be held April 4 with the theme of “reading the international standards of fuel cell and Korea’s hydrogen economy road map.” This year is an important year for Korea to move into the hydrogen economy society. The fuel cell session will cover the trends, technologies and international standards of the fuel cell business. The hydrogen energy session in the afternoon will include: ▲ Road map of Korea’s hydrogen economy (hydrogen fusion alliance) ▲ Hydrogen electric vehicle development trend (Hyundai Motors) ▲ Gasket technology for fuel cell stack (Pyung Hwa Holdings) ▲ Reforming on-site hydrogen station (JNK Heaters) ▲ P2G technology trend (Korea Institute of Energy Research) ▲ Gangwon Province and hydrogen industry (Gangwon Technopark)

The Korean Solar Energy Society Spring Symposium
On April 4 and 5, the Korean Solar Energy Society will host the Spring Symposium. The symposium will be divided into new and renewable energy systems, building energy/eco-architecture, special sessions, and poster sessions (in exhibition hall).

Innovation Program in one place
During the show, new technologies from participating companies and energy projects from overseas organizations will be announced at a special stage in the exhibition hall on April 3 and 4. In addition, a briefing session will be held to promote investment in new and renewable energy projects, and a place for promoting energy public corporations and institutional support projects will also be prepared. The enthusiasm of the market will be felt as the number of participants was increased three times to 12 places compared to last year. On April 3: Sung Chang (tracking PV without CPU), Razzler (cloud platform-based integrated operation management system for IPP project), CEO Kim Ji Suk from Suhyon Power Plant (real case of PV power plant-From 20kW on the roof to 1MW in the forest), the Korea-Israel Foundation (Korea-Israel Industry R&D Foundation and International Joint Technology Development Project), and Sun&Wind Energy (hybrid streetlight). On April 4: Shinsung E&G (high-power HDM module for high-profit PV business), Nemo ENG (100kW PV ESS business briefing), Hanwha Q Cell (introduction of new product line based on Quantum Duo technology), Growatt (PV inverter business briefing), ERA Solar (100MW project in Uzbekistan), Haezoom (B2B PV business evaluation premium mobile solution), LONGi SOLAR (LONGi SOLAR and MONO PERC TECHNOLOGY). This free-for-everyone briefing will take place at 1 pm for 30 minutes at Hall 3 Exhibition Hall B-200.

Green EXCO Tour

At the International Green Energy Expo, there will be an opportunity to visit the Green Convention facility of EXCO, Korea’s first and the only complex renewable energy exhibition convention center in Asia. The Green EXCO Tour (New & Renewable Energy Facility Tour), which will be held on April 3 and 4, will be held twice a day, with a maximum of 20 people on a first come first served basis.

Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, Korea Electrical Contractors Association, Korea New & Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association, and KOTRA, the 16th International Green Energy Expo is the largest PV, ESS, smart grid technology and new and renewable energy show in Korea and is also the top 3 in Asia and top 10 in the world.

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