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[ESS KOREA 2019 Opening Video] Focus on secondary cell development and ESS safety status

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ESS Korea 2019, the only new and renewable energy showcase in Korea, will be held at Daegu EXCO for 3 days from April 3 to 5, along with 2019 International Green Energy Expo which will serve as a business marketing platform for new and renewable energy companies.

In this year’s show under the theme “ESS safety, solid-state battery, lithium-sulfur, lithium-air,” conferences on the current situation of secondary cell development and ESS safety acquisition and utilization will be held on April 4, in the third-floor conference room of EXCO.

There will be a seminar with the following topics: ▲ ESS foreign technology regulation and demonstration status ▲ Major causes of fire and safety improvement measures for ESS battery ▲ Trend and commercialization of solid-state battery technology to prevent thermal runaway of lithium secondary battery ▲ Development of ESS and electric battery pack and the most optimum BMS design technology ▲ Enhancement process technology and commercialization methods of solid electrolytes for solid-state batteries ▲ Development and commercialization of vanadium redox flow cell (VRFB) for ESS ▲ Development trend and outlook of high-density lithium metal-air battery for electric vehicles

Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, Korea Electrical Contractors Association, Korea New & Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association, and KOTRA, the 16th International Green Energy Expo is the largest PV, ESS, smart grid technology and new and renewable energy show in Korea and is also the top 3 in Asia and top 10 in the world. The show exhibits in the following areas: △PV △ESS battery △Smart grid technology △Wind △New and renewable energy

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