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[LED & OLED EXPO 2019] Cheomdan Lab to showcase high-efficiency flexible PV super low price

Cheomdan Lab will be showcasing its OLED UV-LED high-efficient and low-priced flexible light diffusion panel at the International LED & OLED EXPO 2019 that will open in KINTEX 1 in Jun. 25-27.

This highly efficient and super-low priced flexible polymer substrate for extracting OLED light was developed with the new air porosity scattering diffusion technology to greatly reduce the OLED light source panel cost. By integrating the current 5-step light diffusion process into one process, the material cost of the current vacuum OLED substrates was reduced by more than 50% and the manufacturing process was drastically simplified. This also reduced the loss of light energy.

Also, a UV LED diffusion panel that has superior transmittance and diffusivity with pore layer control technology that are applied in the MIE scattering method that occurs by applying the light penetrating through the pores to ultraviolet (UV) light diffusion was also developed. It is a product that can reduce the number of UV LED chip and raw material cost by improving the disadvantages of the existing light diffusion method which absorbs UV wavelength light and minimizing defects by uniform illumination of surface light source.

In addition to display and lighting, the company will be exhibiting light diffusion panel and application products for OLED, UV, LED and BLU that can be used widely in wearable, bio health, medical and cosmetic markets.

The 17th International LED & OLED EXPO is hosted by MOTIE, LED Industry Forum and KOTRA, organized by Expo & U, and sponsored by Bucheon City, Korea Energy Agency, KEIT, KOPTI, ETRI, KETI, KILT, CPRI, KIIEE, Korea LED/Photoelectron Society, KLFLC, KIIC, Taiwan Photonic Industry Association, Japan LED Association, China Lighting Association, and Japan LED Light Source Diffusion Development Organization.

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