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KOBA 2019 begins May 22 at COEX

With the slogan “Media, Make a Choice”, the 29th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA) began May 22 at COEX Hall A, C, D and Conference Center.

Co-hosted by Korea E&EX and the Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association and sponsored by relevant institutions, organizations, and broadcasting companies including MSIT, MOTIE, KCC, Seoul Metropolitan City, KOTRA, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, OBS, CBS, Arirang Broadcasting, TBS, ETRI, KASA and ASK, KOBA 2019 is Korea’s only specialized exhibition related to the broadcasting and communication convergence industry that will lead Industry 4.0, and it is a global promising exhibition that has been internationally certified by the MOTIE and IAEE.

By exhibiting outstanding broadcasting, video, sound, and lighting equipment from around the world, KOBA provides an opportunity for the visitors to look at the new concept broadcasting, video industry, and the latest sound and lighting industry technologies that are playing a pivotal role in the cultural industry.

Major exhibited items that will be exhibited at the show are the latest broadcasting and video equipment including 4K/8K, UHD, 3D, Smart TV, Mobile TV, digital contents, camera, VTR, editing system, transmission/receiving equipment, video editing equipment, message generator, CATV system, internet/satellite equipment, display, and LED. There will be about 10,000 pieces in 700 categories including Pro Audio, microphone, headphone, console, mixer, sound equipment like musical instruments, and lighting/stage equipment, providing the visitors the information about the latest products.

In this year’s show, the HiFi Audio Show in KOBA to be held in COEX Conference Room will provide an opportunity to directly experience the products and technologies of the high-end brands of the industry and foreign luxury brands, and various seminars and performances will be held there as well. The show was first introduced last year, and thanks to the interest and support from the related industries, it has been expanded by 300% this year.

In addition, in line with the rapid growth of memedia platform and the trend of increasing consumption of mobile contents, famous creators have been invited to introduce the know-how of one-person broadcast media contents, and a seminar with the theme “Starting YouTube Today: from shooting to editing” will be held at the show (Hall D, D260). Also, the memedia special hall (Hall D, D401) has been prepared to provide the opportunity to see equipment customized for one-person broadcasting at a glance.

The participants at KOBA 2019 include major broadcasing companies like KBS and MBC, and broadcasting and video companies like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Ikegami, FOR-A, ARRI, Tektronix, Dongyang Digital, Vidente, Visual Research, Blackmagic Design, Samsung Electronics, Sama GVC, Sanam Tech, Compix, sound companies like Dassan SR, DK Vascom, Dlogixs, Sound Solution, Sama Sound, YAMAHA, Entergrain, Inter M, Kevic, TechData, and lighting companies like Lugh Scape, Art-tech Lighting, Alpha Lite, Total Plus, totalling 906 world’s well known companies from 35 countries.

This year’s show will be a great opportunity to see high-definition video and the latest technology that have significantly improve in aspects of picture quality and safety with the participation from domestic and overseas companies of VR convergency contents, OLED display, 4K, UHD digital TV and projectors, driven by the innovative technology of the future broadcasting with smart technology, Ultra High Definition (UHD), 4K and 8K.

For free entrance to the show, pre-registration is available by visiting KOBA website. For inquiries, please refer to KOBA website or Korea E&EX KOBA 2019 secretariat.

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