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[CommunicAsia 2019] Nunu introduces children-rescuing safety management system, I-Box

Nunu will be introducing its safety management system that can prevent children from being trapped in the car at CommunicAsia 2019, which will open at Marina Bay Sands from June 18 to 20.

Founded in 2018, Nunu has developed I-Box to prevent the ongoing in-vehicle child trapping accidents around the world. It has a patent for safety management system for child boarding vehicles, and have expanded the convenience and functionality by adding a bell to the system.

I-Box consists of a main unit for sending and receiving data and a detector for detecting movements. When several detectors are installed inside the vehicle and the movement is detected, the data is transmitted to the master device to set off the honk in the vehicle and emergency lights to notify to the outside that the child is trapped.

The biggest advantage of the system is that it can rescue a child before an accident occurs by connecting to the servers and mobile real-time. Depending on the structure of the vehicle, the installation location and quantity of the sensor will differ, and the sensor is designed to detect even the smallest movements using motion detection sensors.

According to the official, “I-Box can check vehicle location, inside the vehicle and status of the detector with the IoT technology real-time. If motion inside the vehicle is detected, immediate rescue action can be taken.

He also said, “We intend to advance into the US, Europe and Asia. We will actively participate in various domestic and international exhibitions and promote our system.”

Singapore CommunicAsia, a major ICT trade event in Asia, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with concurrent shows NXTAsia for new technology and enterprise solutions, BroadcastAsia for innovative technologies of digital multimedia and broadcasting industry, and ConnecTechAsia, the large-scale platform for communication, enterprise and broadcasting technologies.

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