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[CommunicAsia 2019] Narae Info introduces smartwatch ForMe for leisure

With the support from Jeonnam Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Narae Info showcased its smartwatch ForMe specialized for leisure use at CommunicAsia 2019, which opened at Marina Bay Sands from June 18 to 20.

This smartwatch features the same features as the existing smartwatches designed for leisure, but the price has been lowered to mid-100,000 won.

For yachting users, the depth of a wave can be measured by rolling and the maximum speed and average speed can be checked to help improve the record.

In addition, for trekkers, the altitude, atmospheric pressure, and the local weather can be checked on top of its convenient trekking function.

Above all, an extra wireless rechargeable battery is added to double the battery time, resolving the biggest disadvantage of smartwatches. Now, users can enjoy the goodness of having a smartwatch for a longer time.

Singapore CommunicAsia, a major ICT trade event in Asia, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with concurrent shows NXTAsia for new technology and enterprise solutions, BroadcastAsia for innovative technologies of digital multimedia and broadcasting industry, and ConnecTechAsia, the large-scale platform for communication, enterprise and broadcasting technologies.

Sponsoring to participate in Singapore CommunicAsia, Jeonnam Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency was established to integrate advanced digital technology to cultural and arts resources in
Jeollanam-do, build infrastructure, and aid in efficient management of related industries. The agency is involved in various businesses in providing local information and fostering cultural industry. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been attracting government-funded businesses, fostering and supporting companies, and discovering ICT fusion contents. Also, in the era of Industry 4.0, it has been building constructive ecosystem for information cultural industry and global businesses in the local companies.

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