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[2019 G-VALLEY Business Concert] total oral care brand ‘Aquapick’

Aquapick is Korea’s leading company specializing in oral irrigator and is a total oral care brand that develops and sells oral hygiene products such as Sonic toothbrush and Toothfoam, including oral irrigator. The oral irrigator ‘AQ-300’, developed through years of research by CEO Kevin Lee, removes debris with Water spraying powered by 2,200 pulse/min to effectively help prevent implant peri-implantitis and clean up bracket for orthodontic patients. It aims to contribute to the oral health of people around the world by also having gum massage effect, which makes both teeth and gum strong.

As ‘AQ-300’ was also selected as an officially recommended product by the KDA(Korean Dental Association), it was recognized for its quality, specifications, standards, and follow-up service (A/S) after rigorous testing of its products. In addition, it has been certified for the effect of removing bacteria from the mouth through clinical research and has already been actively exported to global markets by acquiring certification from countries around the world, including the European CE certification. With the motto “Oral health is the beginning of Healthy body”, Aquapick is aiming to expand into the healthcare business in general, not just oral products.

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