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Ten MIK BEAUTY companies exhibit in 2019 Seongnam Int’l Medical Tourism Convention to enter the global market

While 2019 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention is being held Sep 20 to 22, MIK (Made in Korea) BEAUTY ZONE hosted by Global News Network AVING News will also take place.

MIK is a global project that has promoted Korea’s competitive companies all over the world and expanded their channels. It provides the opportunities for entry into domestic and overseas markets with the exhibitions for beauty companies, promotion by global media and YouTubers, and buyer matching consultation.

The participating media include: △Lecafedugeek (France) △SVPRESSA.RU (RUSSIA) △YESKY (China) △VietnamPlus (Vietnam) △Geekazine (U.S.A) △MyFatPocket (SINGAPORE) △AVING RUSSIA TV (RUSSIA) △IT Donga (Korea) △Early Adapter (Korea) △Beta News (Korea)

List of 10 beauty exhibitors: △Grand Cosnet △Hondo △Eroom Factory △Yellow Punch △Trunia △PG World △Ami Cosmetic △Roits Nine △Hare Mari △Fresh Queen

Grand Cosnet
A company that manufactures and distributes cosmetics, currently representing derma product brands Bcodon and Dra.ge. It is supplying products to hospital and beauty shops via domestic online and overseas partners. The company official said, “We consider safety as the top priority and are making products that everyone can trust and use. Also, we are doing ODM and OEM with Korea’s major cosmetic manufacturer Samsung International.”

Hondo will be introducing its cosmetic product Lanbelle EGF+FGF at the show. The ampule contains high amount of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which stimulates skin regeneration and FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) that helps maintain collagen in skin. It is product that is made to focus on skin recovery and maintaining health.

Eroom Factory
Eroom Factory is a cosmetic OEM/ODM specialist with one-stop manufacturing, production and packaging system. It has separate product planning, design and lab, and is in home shopping, medical, aesthetic and cosmetic distribution businesses. The company official said, “We have a diverse know-how that we have accumulated by launching more than 200 products. We will try our best with the dream to become a large-scale manufacturing and distribution company. Our major product is mild acidic cleansing water that can clean base makeup to point makeup at once.

Yellow Punch
Yellow Punch is a cosmetic seller that supplies cosmetics from major manufacturers including a well-known OEM company Cosmax and other cosmetic labs and package designers companies. The company official said, “We are making continuous efforts to become a leader in many areas in the beauty industry including market trend analysis and R&D. Also, we posses the brands like Yam & Yan, Stilo, Crink Pop and Mans Solution.”

Trunia is a provider of superior-quality cosmetics, beauty devices, bio products and medical products to its consumers with its market research and marketing strategies. Trunia provides cosmetics that are made of natural ingredients. The company official said, “We use fermentation science using plant extracts and microorganisms, and are focusing on minimizing irritation to human and maintaining the skin condition to its best.”

PG World
Established in 1990, PG World began its business by distributing watches and jewelry and now is specializing in brand marketing. The company official said, “We have sales know-how and data. We have been recognized widely with our jewelry brand Ropeka and the watch brand K.Watch, recording stable growth and sales. It has also recently launched a cosmetic brand Aqaever made with Manuka honey and red ginseng and actively promoting its brand for sales.

Ami Cosmetics
Ami Cosmetics is running a customized skincare, prestige aesthetic derma cosmetic brand CLIV. One of the major products CLIV Hyaluronic Formula Ampule Supreme Gold Foil Mask is a gold foil mask with a new concept that has the effectiveness of one bottle of ampule. Dermatologist approved and containing a patented ingredient, it has been approved by China’s CFD and Europe’s CPNP. The company staff said, “We are striving to become a global innovative company. We are going to continue making the efforts to make the best skin solution.”

Hosted by Seongnam City and organized by Seongnam Medical Tourism Council and Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency, 2019 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention is sponsored by the MCST, Gyeonggi-do, KTO, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, KHIDI, Seongnam Doctors Association, Seongnam Association of Korean Medicine, Seongnam Dentist Association, Seongnam Pharmacist Association, Seongnam Nurse Association, Visit Korea Committee, Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Agency, Korea Public Health Association Gyeonggi Branch, and KPTA Gyeonggi Branch, having 68 companies exhibiting in 120 booths. The number of visitors is expected to be 20,000, including 65 overseas buyers from 13 countries like Russia, Mongolia, China and Vietnam.

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